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Balmain enters the metaverse with mintNFT

New partnership between mintNFT and fashion house Balmain to design a new fashion campaign using NFTs and the metaverse.

Balmain’s new fashion campaign together with mintNFT

The co-founder of the mintNFT platform, James Sun, and the creative director of French luxury fashion house Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, have announced the launch of a new NFT campaign, curated entirely by Sun’s company and increasingly focused on Web3 and the metaverse.  

Founded 75 years ago by Pierre Balmain, the fashion house has always stood out for its originality and non-conformism in its collections. These particularities have, where possible, become even more accentuated with the current creative director Rousteing, who is always very attentive to new technological innovations.

Specifically, the NFT platform, which as the name suggests helps companies issue and sell a token on the blockchain, has announced that it will launch a new Non-Fungible Token exclusive to the fashion house. Both James Sun and Rousteing shared the news during the opening of the Balmain shop in New York on 12 May.

Rousteing told reporters:

“I’ve never aimed to simply be cool. Instead, my goal has always been to ensure that this house’s designs are timeless. A designer needs to create collections that are tied together by a unifying thread. And it’s important to never break that thread—because the moment that happens… well, it means that you’ve failed. It means that you haven’t been able to extend a clear vision and advance a distinct aesthetic”.

Sun further added that:

“In a world plagued by NFT speculation and plagiarism, our minting platform and strategic input help protect Balmain’s intellectual property and iconic legacy”.

The partnership between mintNFT and Balmain

balmain barbie
The NFT collection born from the collaboration between Balmain, Barbie and mintNFT

MintNFT and Balmain have already collaborated on an NFT campaign with Mattel’s Barbie earlier this year. It is a ready-to-wear collection and accessories in partnership with Mattel, which had already launched a similar project with the fashion house Gucci last year. 

The idea of the NFT project was born back in 2018, after Balmain’s advertising campaign with three CGI models. Three of these NFT Barbies are currently being auctioned in the mintNFT marketplace. In December 2021, the fashion house launched an exclusive collection of NFT trainers, including VIP experiences for buyers.

Since sustainability and environmental protection are imperative for Balmain, mintNFT chose Ripple as its blockchain partner to support the creation of NFTs for Balmain, using XRP Ledger, which was the first major blockchain to become carbon neutral in 2020.

Sun, about the collaboration with the fashion house, concluded by saying:

“In a world plagued by NFT speculation and plagiarism, our minting platform and strategic input help protect Balmain’s intellectual property and iconic legacy”.

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Vincenzo Cacioppoli
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