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Giro d’Italia: who will win the Trofeo Senza Fine NFT won by Jai Hindley?

The Giro d’Italia ended with Jai Hindley as the winner of the Trofeo Senza Fine. ItaliaNFT now brings the cycling competition onto the Blockchain: who will win the first trophy in its NFT format? 

Giro d’Italia: the competition is now for the Trofeo Senza Fine as an NFT

Trofeo Senza Fine
The NFT format of the prestigious Trofeo Senza Fine

Presented for the first time ever during the awards ceremony in Verona, the new Trofeo Senza Fine in its NFT version is now ready to be awarded to its future winner. 

Specifically, the new Trofeo Senza Fine NFT is already up for auction on ItaliaNFT until 22 June 2022 and will allow its winner to also receive the four physical jerseys (pink, white, blue and cyclamen) autographed by the respective winners of the Giro d’Italia.  

This is an extraordinary 3D reproduction of the real model that replicates the exceptional design of the cup, a forged gold ribbon twisting upwards to symbolize the road travelled by the riders, and the meticulous reproduction of the palmares, with the “engraved” names of all the winners who have won the accolade since 1909, including Jai Hindley’s of course.

And indeed, while Jai Hindley has won the Corsa Rosa and its real Trofeo Senza Fine, the cycling competition now moves to the Blockchain, thanks to ItaliaNFT which, together with RCS Sport, has created the digital version of all the symbols of the event

ItaliaNFT and the race for the Trofeo Senza Fine NFT

Commenting on the new Trofeo Senza Fine NFT auctioned on the marketplace, Achille Minerva and Marco Capria, the founders of ItaliaNFT, said:

“The NFTs we have created in collaboration with the Giro d’Italia represent the best way to make culture around the world of crypto-art and, more generally, on the union between the creations of Made In Italy and the new digital ecosystem based on Blockchain. 

We will follow the race in all its stages, on the street as well as online, to tell fans what NFTs are, how they are made and what kind of opportunities they offer to those who buy them. We are just at the beginning of a real revolution that will have a profound impact not only on collectors but on all those who want to buy goods and services with a digital experience that is not only valuable but also reliable and secure”.

As a matter of fact, ItaliaNFT has also hosted other collections of Italian artistic excellences such as Lodola, Vedovamazzei, MYFO, and Andy of Bluvertigo, with the aim of creating new NFT collections in the coming months to highlight masterpieces of culture, cinema, literature, music and sport. 

Giro d’Italia logos and T-shirts drop on ItaliaNFT 

Overall, ItaliaNFT already offers the possibility to purchase the four t-shirts and other symbols of the Giro d’Italia event in its NFT format by accessing its marketplace. 

“One celebrates a birthday. One sports the name of a wine. One will remind you of the obstacles you have faced. The other of how you overcame them. All 4 Giro d’Italia’s special jerseys are online. Get them on ItaliaNFT: https://bit.ly/ItaliaNFTxGCN“.

Not only that, in addition to the jerseys, ItaliaNFT recently added new Giro logo drops that come in four different rarity levels: 

  • COMMON (40% of total): NFT only;
  • RARE (30%): NFT plus complimentary white or light blue or cyclamen jersey;
  • SUPER RARE (20%): NFT plus complimentary physical pink jersey;
  • EPIC (10%): NFT plus complimentary physical pink jersey autographed by a past Giro d’Italia champion. 
Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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