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BNB Chain’s new technical roadmap

Prior to this new roadmap, BNB had already taken a major step in February when it decided to merge Binance Chain with Binance Smart Chain to create BNB Chain.

The new network created a multi-chain infrastructure layer that supports Binance’s new ecosystem and governance mechanisms.

Changes in the new BNB Chain roadmap

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Binance unveils new roadmap by announcing future progress

The news of this new technical roadmap comes directly from the BNB Chain Revelation Summit.

From what has emerged, the goals that this new technical roadmap will seek to pursue are ambitious and important for the future development of the ecosystem.

Increase transaction speed

According to the BNB Chain team, the fastest and cheapest transactions will be achieved by increasing the capacity of Block gas to 200 million. This improvement could lead to a flawless dApp experience even during peaks in network traffic.

Increasing the level of decentralization

The various statements revealed that the number of validators on the blockchain will be increased from 21 to 41 validators

Furthermore, the announcement also states that decentralization is and will be “a central element” of the BNB Chain strategy.

Two other objectives set by the Binance team then emerge, namely: 

  • Development of governance capabilities through the BNB token.
  • Implementation of a series of Binance Chain Evolution Proposals.

Executive statements

After the announcement, Chief Ecosystem Pilot K. proudly stated:

“It’s the blockchain platform that has the highest amount of transactions on record, close to 3 billion, and 1300 Dapps. And there has never been a glitch: no downtime! What other blockchain platforms can say the same?”

Urio Ferrucci, Executive Director of the BNB Foundation, on the other hand, shared his assessment of how the implementation of the roadmap will support the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem. 

In fact, he stated that:

“These technological advancements are significant as they will bring substantial changes for both the developer community and end users […] The emphasis will be on innovation, sustainability, strengthening the governance mechanism of BNB Chain and investing heavily in security”.

Martina Canzani
Martina Canzani
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