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Prada: TimeCapsule collection sees monthly NFT launches

Prada, with its TimeCapsule collection, plans to launch limited edition physical and NFT items every first Thursday of the month, directly on its Prada Crypted marketplace

Prada and the monthly launch of TimeCapsule NFTs on Prada Crypted

The famous fashion brand Prada has an original strategy: it plans to launch monthly NFT and limited edition physical objects from the TimeCapsule collection directly on its Prada Crypted marketplace. 

“#PradaTimeCapsule revealed: This limited edition serial-numbered shirt is available for 24 hours starting today (June 2nd). By purchasing it, customers will become owners of a #NFT. Get one while you can”.

On the first Thursday of June, Prada released 100 limited edition shirts accompanied by a free NFT for first-time buyers, both available for 24 hours only

Soon after, here was the announcement of the sold-out and upcoming July launch in anticipation. 

“#PradaTimeCapsule is sold out. Follow us on #PradaCrypted and stay tuned for the next drop on July 7th. http://discord.gg/prada“.

Prada: the TimeCapsule collection enters its Web3 phase thanks to NFTs

prada crypted
The Prada limited edition collection

In reality, Prada’s TimeCapsule collection has already been live with this monthly drop approach since 5 December 2019, but it was only on the occasion of this 30th drop that the fashion brand wanted to introduce NFTs, entering the Web3 phase

From this moment on, therefore, the TimeCapsule NFT Collection will release a limited edition physical object and an NFT as a gift, presented on the first Thursday of each month, available for 24 hours.

For this 30th drop, Prada has collaborated with artist Cassius Hirst and presented a limited edition of 100 printed shirts and their digital version, each one unique and signed by the serial number of the drop and the numbering of each physical item.

Not only that, Prada also made public its Prada Crypted marketplace, although the collection is also already on OpenSea

As already mentioned, the idea of this major luxury fashion house is to create a fantastic marriage between physical and digital, by issuing a free NFT to every customer who buys a garment from the new collection. The NFT is represented by a GIF of the capsule collection and includes a number associated with each physical shirt. 

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