NFT for environmental sustainability: Forever Bambù certifies CO2 absorption on blockchain
NFT for environmental sustainability: Forever Bambù certifies CO2 absorption on blockchain

NFT for environmental sustainability: Forever Bambù certifies CO2 absorption on blockchain

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Milan, 08 June 2022 – Forever Bambù, a leading Italian company and a pioneer in giant bamboo in Europe, has innovated its sector by managing the entire life cycle of bamboo forests, from planting to the use of biomass for the production of bioplastics from cane fibres to CO2 offsetting services for companies and businesses.

Forever Bambù uses NFTs to contribute to environmental sustainability

Today, armed with solid experience, they announce a step forward by guaranteeing their own offsetting and mitigation service, Forever Zero CO2, through blockchain technology and NFTs. This is the first Italian project that transparently and immutably certifies the offsetting obtained from Italian forests

Emanuele Rissone, President and Founder of Forever Bambù, comments:

“The absorption of CO2 on a given plot is an apparently intangible phenomenon. This is why we decided to study this new field of application, transforming the commitment to the environment into something tangible, certain and valuable, allowing companies that invest with us to become zero impact to have unambiguous certificates, able to assess the value of the result obtained and feel in a certain way the owner of that single plot of plantation. NFTs have proven to be the ideal tool to do this and we are really proud of what we have created, certain that the market will now have one more reason to continue investing in green practices”.

Forever Bambù is one of the first companies in Europe to use this technology to depict real-world assets such as a bamboo grove, and one of the first companies in the world to provide such security and transparency in the voluntary carbon market.

The project, recently awarded the prestigious Best Green Innovation Project at the Blockchain Revolution Italian Summit in Trento, Italy, involves the creation of NFTs for each plot of land. Each Non-Fungible Token includes information such as geographical coordinates, the size in hectares, and the amount and value of CO2 absorbed by each individual plot, and will be presented this morning at an event dedicated to companies and followed by the awarding of prizes to particularly ESG-enlightened entrepreneurs. 

Present for institutional greetings was the Honourable Alessandro Morelli, Deputy Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility. Alessandro Enginoli of Confindustria Cisambiente also intervened, saying: 

“This project represents a cutting-edge solution both from the point of view of sustainability and for the application of blockchain technology for traceability, two key issues for the Association’s companies engaged in sectors such as waste management and urban decency”.

The debate was moderated by Sara Noggler of the Blockchain Committee in Assolombarda. “This innovative further development of the crypto world gives us a profound awareness of the fact that we are not talking about a technology of the future, but something real, present and capable of marrying such a traditional object as bamboo. Seeing companies with a vision at work, who have the courage to throw their heart over the hurdle to achieve great things, is always the most beautiful surprise”.

The exponential growth of the Forever Bambù project

Blockchain and NFTs together to improve the environment

Thanks to the inherent characteristics of blockchain, such as transparency, security and immutability, NFTs are the perfect tool to enable the holders of each green certificate to prove that they are the only ones who have the right of use over a given piece of land.

For the development of the project, Forever Bambù relied on the strategic advice of Finney Hub, and for the technological development it chose to rely on the skilful hands of the BCode and Knobs teams.

The NFTs will be created on the Polygon blockchain, which was chosen precisely because of its peculiarities as a sustainable, secure, fast platform with low transaction costs.

Not only technology. In fact, the company has also decided to give artistic value to the initiative, opening up to Crypto Art: each NFT is in fact associated with a unique work by the Italian digital artist Nicolò Canova, who has given artistic form to the many virtues of bamboo. In the works created, the plant is represented as a tool, the symbol of a gesture capable of transforming itself into something real that ‘positively impacts’ the world, creating dreamlike atmospheres of great fascination, with works that become the metaphor of the gesture of those who give back to the environment the wealth they receive, offsetting emissions thanks to Bamboo.

Emanuele Rissone concludes by saying:

“We have great ambitions and continue to study to further enrich this virtuous and circular path. The more companies will follow us on this path, the more we will succeed, together, in bringing Italy closer to the first ambitious goal of a 55% reduction of CO2 emissions in 2030. We at Forever Bambù are ready”.

For Forever Bambù, this represents one part of a much larger project that will see technology, innovation and sustainability working in unison towards one great goal.

For more information visit the official website.

What is Forever Bambù

Forever Bambù is the first Italian initiative that combines a structured supply chain with care for the Planet and the Territories through the cultivation of Giant Bamboo and is the only European company in the sector to be certified for organic and symbiotic production. 

Today, Forever Bambù brings together 29 agricultural companies including 7 innovative start-ups for 200 hectares of property, with the participation of over 1500 members from all over Europe. Forever Bambù is also the first company to create forests for industrial purposes for the production of bioplastics and carbon offsetting, which is starting the process of listing on a European stock exchange.

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