Best Crypto Sports Betting Tips
Best Crypto Sports Betting Tips

Best Crypto Sports Betting Tips

By Thuy Dung - 21 Jun 2022

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Everyone that started betting from a younger age usually didn’t have any strategy and gambled because they supported a few teams. There’s nothing bad with being a fan and wanting your team to win but that won’t make you money. Every professional has a certain method they use which makes them a profit by the end of the month.

There are numerous games you can gamble on and you can start by finding expert picks for something that you are familiar with. Any sport has its advantages and disadvantages over other sports so there isn’t one you should focus on. The best way to determine which one to bet on is to check how much knowledge you have about them.

Beginner Methods

Beginner luck is something that everyone should try out if they have money to spare because it can be fun and overwhelming at some times. As a beginner, you can focus on one team that you like the most and start looking into their statistics. If it’s a team sport like football or basketball, it can mean a lot when you know how players behave towards other teams.

There’s a huge chance that Lebron James will score 30+ points versus some team that he doesn’t like. This type of information can be crucial when making bets and it can be a good way to start. Crypto platforms nowadays are even better than some online bookies because of the betting possibilities they have.

Because you will use crypto as payment, you need to think in advance if you are playing throughout the season. Things can change in the crypto world very fast so remember to keep your funds in your wallet.

Bankroll Systems

You won’t find any tip online that will certainly make profits but there is a lot that will increase your chances. One of the things that will matter the most besides statistics is your bankroll management. There’s no chance of becoming a professional gambler when you don’t know how to spend your budget.

One of the best ways to do it is to look at your money as numbers instead of currency. For example, your $1000 will be 50 points. So, when you bet on a team you will spend 5 points for that game which is $100.

This way, it will be easier to set goals and calculate the spending for the future. To determine how many points you will spend, you need to do the statistics and check the probability of the win. If you are 50% sure of the win, that will be 5 out of 10 points that you will spend.

The goal is to never exceed a certain amount which is in this case $200. This will help you a lot if you have a problem with discipline. Without discipline, you will make one mistake that will cost you more than you can afford and the plan you made will be ruined.

Follow Winning Streaks

People love winners especially if they bring the money. It happens almost every season that a certain NBA player starts with triple-doubles every game and 30+ points. When you see that someone is doing it after a 3 to 4 game, start riding the wave and bet on him to do it again.

You won’t be sure that they will do it again but the statistics are on your side, you will just need to be careful with timing. Check how many games they did great and who they are playing with to be sure the bet is right.

Play Versus Everyone

If you want to take risks, betting against the public is the riskiest move but it brings the most profit. In order to do it properly, you will need to know when the winner is going to fail because they eventually do. This happens in NFL and NBA constantly and with the right knowledge, it can be the method that will work for you.

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