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In Brazil, Bitcoin can be bought at banks thanks to Nubank

In Brazil, it is now possible to buy Bitcoin at banks thanks to new support from Nubank.

Nubank: in Brazil it is now possible to buy Bitcoin at banks

Nubank will allow Brazilian citizens to buy Bitcoin by going directly to their bank

Nubank, a digital bank also financed by Warren Buffett, has currently as many as 54 million users, all of whom will now be able to easily buy BTC from their online accounts. To do so, users simply need to update the app and find the category “Nubank Crypto”.

Bitcoin can then be bought from the app, but currently it is not yet possible to withdraw BTC to another wallet.

The feature, added a few days ago, has a cost of 0.02%. Meanwhile, Nubank has also added an educational section to the app with content explaining what cryptocurrencies are and the latest industry news.

A company post reads:

“Bitcoin was created with the intention to decentralize the financial system and influenced all the other cryptocurrencies since then. Generally, people compare Bitcoin to gold and tend to store it for the future”.

Nubank, Warren Buffett and involvement in the crypto world

As early as last May, a blog post stated that Nubank had decided to invest in Bitcoin with an allocation in BTC.

Nubank had also stated that it was interested in creating an ETF on Bitcoin and in 2020 acquired Easynvest, the trading platform that has offered Bitcoin ETFs since June 2021.

As much as he is against Bitcoin, this is not the first time Warren Buffett has invested in crypto-related projects.

Back when Nubank was listed on the US stock exchange, the Oracle of Omaha invested the first $500 million in the banking company with a return of $150 million on its debut alone.

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