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Former Google employees develop a new wallet

It is called Clos3t, and it is a cryptocurrency wallet dedicated specifically to fashion consumers designed for Web3. 

Former Google, Chanel, and PwC employees are creating a crypto wallet

It is being designed by three former employees of Google, Chanel, and PwC, with the aim of helping consumers create hyper-personalized shopping profiles. 

The startup was founded in April by Amandine Degotte, who previously worked at Chanel and Dior on customer engagement and digital strategy, Setareh Lotfi, who worked at Google on the Global Fiber Impact Explorer, and Virginie Le Bervet, who worked as a consultant at PwC and EY.

Degotte is the CEO, while Lotfi is the CTO and Le Bervet is the COO

During a recent interview, Amandine Degotte said that they have developed many artificial intelligence apps and algorithms to provide personalized advice to clients, using only “pulled” data. 

To better explain this peculiarity she gives the example of a customer shopping at Chanel. The company in this case would ask the customer what occasion he or she is shopping for, what type of sleeves, length and colors they prefer, and other targeted questions to create a profile that adheres to the customer’s characteristics and desires. Later, this hyper-personalized profile can serve to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. 

The information collected on Clos3t profiles is not shared with other companies.

The goal is to centralize all the customer’s information that can be collected from different merchants, but without sharing it with them, so that a purchase path can be created without distinction between multiple stores.

The wallet they are creating not only collects data about customers to build their hyper-personalized profile, but can also store PoAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols), proof of authenticity, and NFTs. This distinguishes it from other non-fashion-specific crypto wallets. 

Clos3t is designed specifically for cryptocurrency users, also allowing connection with external wallets. 

The hypothesis behind this startup is that digital wallets could play a crucial role in the Web3 consumer experience, so much so that the entire fashion industry is becoming interested in these new technologies. The goal is to provide the market with a one-stop crypto wallet for this industry. 

It is no coincidence that the startup has already raised $300,000 from Fabric Ventures and Frst, with the possibility of increasing funding to $800,000. The official launch of the platform is expected in the coming months.

Clos3t CEO Amandine Degotte said: 

“When I got into web3 a few months ago, I really wanted to develop a super consumer-centric application that will really leverage the preferences of the client, not only based on one brand, but everything that he likes related to fashion”.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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