Bubble Music, NFT marketplace out of Italy, revolutionizes the music industry
Bubble Music, NFT marketplace out of Italy, revolutionizes the music industry

Bubble Music, NFT marketplace out of Italy, revolutionizes the music industry

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 20 Jul 2022

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Milan, 19 July 2022, Bubble Music unveils its vertical NFT marketplace for the music industry that connects artists with music fans and blockchain.

On 19 July at Volvo Studios in Milan, Italy, Bubble Music NFT marketplace showcased the platform to an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, artists and music, art and blockchain enthusiasts.

The marketplace offers artists an innovative tool to establish their personal brand, monetize new types of content and take their connection with fans to the next level.

This means embracing music but is not limited to it, thus providing a tool to monetize previously unvaluable content.

A project that wants to revolutionize the music world

cubble token
Cubble, the token that powers the Bubble Music platform

The uniqueness of the Bubble project is embodied in two strategic aspects:

1) Positioning itself in the “utility” segment, i.e., NFT projects characterized by strong tangible utility, such as access to exclusive experiences and direct earnings related to ownership of the digital asset.

2) User-experience, because it will allow opening to a non-crypto-friendly market, breaking down technological and accessibility barriers, such as wallet creation and payment system, technicalities that to date limit the NFT market to a niche.

Bubble collaborates with established and emerging artists by allowing visibility to extra-musical content previously impossible to exploit, such as exclusive experiences and the chance to participate in high-impact social activities directly with their favorite artists.

Established artists will have a space to give visibility to all artistic expressions and extra-musical activities that were previously not monetizable and a tool that can maintain and strengthen the bond between the fan and the artist and create innovative projects of possible media interest even in moments of non-musical publication.

Emerging artists will have the opportunity to enjoy unprecedented visibility among music and crypto enthusiasts, monetizing their growth potential and thus gaining an alternative and meritocratic channel to fund the startup phase of their career.

Cubble is the utility token designed to interact with the Bubble ecosystem.

By definition, a utility token is designed to give access to specific services within a given ecosystem. The Cubble token serves to enhance and make unique the experience of users and artists interacting with the marketplace.

Matteo Casadio, President of Bubble, states:

“We are proud and excited about the BUBBLE platform. We believe that NFTs represent a structural pillar of the society of the future, not only in music. Therefore we feel it is our responsibility to spread the word about NFTs and create culture and awareness of the topic”.

Antonio Marotta, co-founder and head of Bubble Relations, states:

“Music is a commodity and therefore a powerful communication channel. We are excited because with Bubble and by collaborating with musical artists we have the opportunity to convey impactful messages, to get people talking about important social and environmental issues and take action on them giving power and meaning to NFT projects”. 

Bubble Music

Bubble Music is a vertical NFT marketplace for the music industry that connects artists with music and blockchain enthusiasts. Bubble makes NFT technology an accessible opportunity for all music artists to create, monetize, certify and distribute content that was previously unfeasible or difficult to manage.

Bubble’s technological goals are to spread the blockchain culture through the promotion of its innovative and useful aspects that to date remain in the shadows due to the strong speculation present in this sector, and to spread the technology to the mass market through the simplification of platform structures, social trading logics, and the breaking down of technological barriers that prevent inexperienced users from approaching the blockchain world.

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