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Caduceus presents ‘Visions of the Metaverse’ at the Metaverse Summit in Paris


Caduceus was one of the key sponsors of the recent and hugely successful Metaverse Summit in Paris and proved to have one of the most talked about new projects. 

The Caduceus project

Caduceus is the world’s first metaverse protocol with the ability to make 100,000 super low cost transactions per second with decentralised edge rendering. It has been designed to provide the infrastructure layer for metaverse development and is a developer-friendly, easy-to-use underlying public chain platform that comes with its own complete set of development tools which enable the building, financing, and cross-chain portability of 3D worlds and digital assets from metaverse to metaverse.

During the two-day Paris summit, Caduceus discussed and showcased their project to endless audiences who were all seemingly captivated by its offering & vision. There was a very well attended series of talks and workshops and a hugely popular keynote speech that left an indelible impression and confirmed Caduceus to be setting a new benchmark in the space.  

During the Keynote, Tim Bullman, CEO of Caduceus Foundation, explained that:

“In today’s Metaverse products, most of them focus on NFT transactions, P2E games, and all financial related, but Caduceus pays more attention to the Metaverse itself. From thinking that the Metaverse will release large-scale computing and real-time rendering needs, creating an excellent underlying architecture that meets large-scale real-time computing and real-time rendering. By creating a lower-cost, purer and richer development environment for Metaverse producers, introducing circulation media for technological applications on the chain, Caduceus cooperated with Bin Zayed Group to build a digital city in Dubai. They will conduct a large number of cross-industry cooperation with leading Web2 enterprises, fashion brands, film and television IP, sports/film and TV stars, and artists. This will boost the development of diversity of the metaverse.”

What’s the objective of Caduceus team 

One other major talking point was the remarkable artwork from the creative team at Caduceus. By answering the questions from the audience, the team shared the original intention of the creation of this work. 

They said: 

“Metaverse currently represents more of a new technical concept and direction. We do not have the properties of perceiving objects in the virtual world, such as shape, texture, smell, weight, etc. So, the metaverse is currently cut off from the real world. Caduceus hopes that one day, people will be able to observe the metaverse world from all angles. For example, I will sit down and feel whether the sofa of the metaverse is soft. Touching it shows that it is smooth with leather, or

knitted with fabric, smell what the flowers on the table smell like. In a sense, this art we created is to simulate a ‘physical world version of the metaverse’ so that everyone can perceive the specific properties of the corresponding objects in the metaverse world in advance, such as 3D shape, color, texture, light perception and more, it embodies our bold imagination of the metaverse world!”

Having received significant funding in their Series A funding round whilst currently in the process of their Series B and now being on the cusp of announcing some huge future partnerships, Caduceus continues to drive the industry forward. 

Tim Bullman, CEO of Caduceus Foundation, says: 

“Metaverse Summit Paris was both a success in its own right and for Caduceus Metaverse Protocol. As a layer 1 chain dedicated to metaverse development it is critical to listen to needs and visions, which we were able to do over this weekend. We made many new friends and look forward to returning next year.”

Below is a video from the Caduceus stand that showcased at the Metaverse Summit entitled “Visions of the Metaverse”: