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Sorare: Lega Serie A joins football game with NFT cards

Sorare and Lega Serie A today announced a new multi-year partnership, involving the top Italian soccer league in the fantasy football game with NFT cards

Sorare and the new partnership with Lega Serie A

Today, Sorare‘s NFT-enabled fantasy sports platform announced its new multi-year partnership with Lega Serie A, Italy’s top soccer league. 

“Serie A is coming to Sorare!

We’ve entered an exclusive multi-year partnership with SerieA starting this season.

Cards launch later this summer! #OwnYourGame

Including our partnerships with AC Milan and Napoli, 17 of the 20 clubs in Serie A are now already confirmed for Sorare in 2022/23″.

Here is Sorare’s tweet from a few hours ago, which also announces that for the 2022/2023 season, fans, collectors, and players around the world will be able to collect, purchase, and trade NFT digital cards from Italy’s most famous and prestigious soccer division, while enjoying Sorare’s game with the world’s most iconic clubs and most famous players.

The new agreement with Sorare takes Lega Serie A clubs into a new dimension of the sports experience, giving them the opportunity to engage new fans globally and launch new revenue streams through digital cards.

Sorare NFTs and Italian soccer with Lega Serie A

At the moment, The Italian league is the twelfth soccer tournament to partner with Sorare, following agreements signed with Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain’s LaLiga, and US Major League Soccer. 

In this regard, Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare, said:

“This partnership is another milestone in our journey to become the sports entertainment giant of the future. Serie A is a global soccer powerhouse and home to many of the most famous and iconic teams in history and is also ‘home’ to some of the world’s most passionate and enthusiastic soccer fans. Italy is currently the fastest growing market for Sorare and Italian users are our second largest community globally, so we know there is a huge demand for our fantasy game and collectible cards in this market. The partnership will help us accelerate this growth and allow more fans around the world to get closer to legendary clubs, world-class players and the future stars that make Serie A one of the best leagues in the world”.

Lega Serie A also released its thoughts on the matter through its CEO, Luigi De Siervo:

“At Lega Serie A, we are always looking for opportunities to leverage emerging technologies to enhance the fan experience and to help our clubs better engage with international audiences. Sorare is at the forefront of this sector and uniquely combines fantasy football gaming with collectible NFT cards, and this allows us to broaden our target audience in order to bring younger fans closer to soccer at Serie A TIM. It is a partnership with great potential and we are ready to launch the first collections ahead of the 2022-23 season”.

Expanding also to Baseball NFTs

In addition to soccer, in mid-May Sorare had also announced its partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB), the oldest American baseball league, to open its doors to baseball NFTs. 

The launch of the new game took place just last week:

“We are LIVE! Our Marketplace is OPEN. All MLB players in Limited and Rare cards are up for grabs… starting now. Not to mention, some Super Rares”.

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Stefania Stimolo
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