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Invesco Metaverse: a new fund launched by the investment giant

Invesco Metaverse is the new fund launched by investment giant Invesco, which aims to invest in small, mid, and large-cap industry startups. 

Invesco Metaverse: the fund dedicated to new opportunities in the metaverse

Invesco, an independent investment management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), has launched its Invesco Metaverse fund, to be dedicated to new industry opportunities.

In fact, according to reports, Invesco Metaverse’s goal is to invest in metaverse technology-focused startups of small, medium, and large capitalization, worldwide. 

With branches in as many as 20 countries, the company’s new fund will be able to analyze industry startups that, for example, use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Augmented Reality (AR), Play-To-Earn (P2E) games, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their virtual worlds. 

Managing the Invesco Metaverse will be fund manager Tony Roberts and deputy fund manager James McDermottroe.

The new fund to invest in the growth of the metaverse

Invesco Metaverse and metaverse sector growth forecasts

The metaverse is attracting more and more market players, from entertainment to fashion, real estate, gaming, and more, with a general forecast of growth

In fact, Roberts, the fund manager of the Invesco Metaverse fund, also wanted to comment on this: 

“While the applications of the metaverse to entertainment are increasingly well understood, the interconnectivity it enables is likely to have a transformative impact in sectors as diverse as healthcare, logistics, education, and sports […]. We will seek to capitalize on these opportunities through a highly selective and careful approach to valuations. […] It has been estimated that, by 2030, virtual and augmented reality could provide a £1.4 trillion boost to the global economy.”

The news from the Invesco Metaverse fund follows several companies and organizations that continue to enter the sector. 

Chainalysis: the rapid adoption of the metaverse is the latest Web3 trend

In early July, Chainalysis released its report stating that rapid adoption of the metaverse is the latest Web3 trend, with data continuing to rise. 

In fact, among its collected data, Chainalysis mentioned that Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert was attended by 27 million people, JP Morgan had a virtual property lease, and the Vatican also opened an NFT art gallery.

This dimension and immersive experiences are increasingly engaging more people, but also institutions of all types. 

Specifically, the report states that real estate and gaming are on the rise in the metaverse. From September 2019 to March 2022, blockchain-based virtual real estate prices grew by 879%, while in gaming, from 2017 to 2021 VR game revenue had a compound annual growth rate of 28.5%

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