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For Robert Kiyosaki, the markets are crashing.

Robert Kiyosaki has been rather pessimistic lately. In fact, a couple of days ago he wrote on his Twitter profile that all markets are crashing: real estate, stocks, gold, silver, and Bitcoin. 

He also added that the middle class is being wiped out by rising oil inflation

Robert Kiyosaki, inflation rules the markets

Indeed, at this moment in history, inflation is skyrocketing compared to previous years, and the significant (and sudden) increase in prices is putting many families and businesses in crisis. 

As for the financial markets, equities have been declining for about eight months, with S&P500 doing -6% since mid-August, the price of gold has dropped 4% since August 12, silver has lost 10% since mid-August, and BTC has lost 21%. 

Thus, the scenario described by Kiyosaki is realistic, although the celebrated author of Rich Dad Poor Dad seems to be predicting further declines in the coming days as well. 

In another tweet, however, he suggests that in the aftermath of this crash the markets may recover. 

In fact, he compares the current situation to that of 2008, which was the year of the great subprime mortgage financial crisis. At that time, the S&P500 lost nearly 60% of its value, only to rise 255% over the next six years. 

Since its peak in January 2022, the biggest loss for the S&P500 occurred in mid-June, when it was down 24%, while in the following months it seemed to have recovered. As of today, it is at -15% from its peak in early January. 

Kiyosaki’s view of the current slump 

According to Kiyosaki, the current crash may be even worse than the one in 2008, so it may still be far from over. 

However, there also seems to be a suggestion from his tweets about being ready to buy, and this may be in contradiction with the assumption of the crash being even worse than the one in 2008. If, in fact, we were approaching the bottom, the 2022 crash would eventually be less than that of 2008. 

Otherwise, it is necessary to imagine that Kiyosaki assumes a huge, extremely rapid collapse, such that it would lead to a bottom much lower than the current one exceptionally quickly. 

In 2008 it took a total of 16 months for the collapse of the S&P500 to hit bottom. The current one, on the other hand, started only 8.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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