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Travala now trying to beat the competition with lower prices

Travala, a company that offers a platform for booking planes and hotels by paying in cryptocurrency, announced today its goal of having the lowest prices when it comes to flights.

The company has, in fact, decided to avoid using an intermediary for the so-called global distribution system (GDS), to create a new standard New Distribution Capability (NDC) to enable travelers to receive cheaper flight prices.

Travala.com, by eliminating the middlemen, will now be able to refer directly to the airline’s booking system and not to a system created by a third party, and obviously in this way more competitive costs can be had.

The idea is to have a more decentralized system, so as to align Travala’s mission and make the whole purchasing process more transparent and economical.

Juan Otero, CEO of Travala.com, said:

“We are big supporters of decentralization, and having access to direct content from airlines means depending less on GDSs that act as intermediaries between travel agents and airlines.” 

He added:

“As Travala.com has evolved from a hotel-focused online travel agency to an agency with a range of popular offerings, we have not only added new verticals but have sought to continuously improve them by embracing new technologies that innovate, decentralize and increase efficiency in the travel industry to ultimately provide better value to our customers.”

Travala cuts costs thanks to greater decentralization

The latest news at Travala

The company had recently been accepted to be part of the Accelerate@IATA program along with airline giants such as Emirates and Singapore Airlines to develop technologies in the industry using blockchain.

The initiative was promoted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Also, in July, Travala had begun working with Gate.io by integrating its platform into the exchange’s app so that users – estimated at 11 million – could easily book from the app.

What Travala is all about

Founded back in 2017 and now funded by the exchange Binance, Travala is a platform that allows users to book travel around the world. It currently has listed over 2,200,000 properties, 400,000 companies in 230 countries, and 600 airlines, accepting over 80 cryptocurrencies to make payments.

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