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LG Electronics launches new TVs with integrated NFT platform

LG Electronics announced the launch of new TVs with integrated NFT platform based on Hedera Blockchain, so users can exchange and display their Non-Fungible Tokens directly on the TV. 

LG Electronics and new televisions with integrated NFT platform

According to reports, it appears that Seoul, Korea-based global electronics company LG Electronics has announced the launch of new televisions with an integrated NFT platform supported by Hedera Blockchain. 

The new platform, called LG Art Lab, will allow users to buy, sell, and display their NFT Art directly on their TVs. 

Not only that, transactions involving NFTs on LG TVs will involve the Wallypto crypto-wallet, developed directly by LG. 

In this regard, Christian Hasker, CMO of Swirlds Labs, the developer of Hedera, said:

“[We will bring NFTs] “beyond being computer-based collectibles and toward becoming a piece of art displayed as any other artwork would be within the home of its owner.”

LG Art Lab is available in the United States, on televisions running webOS 5.0 or later, and includes a feature that offers artist profiles and previews of their upcoming work, as well as countdowns of upcoming NFT drops. 

LG Electronics will also implement an NFT platform integrated into the new televisions

NFT on televisions and beyond: the case of Samsung and TAG Heuer

Just like LG, Samsung Electronics had also launched its 3 new TV models with integrated NFT platform in early 2022: MICRO LED, Neo QLED, and The Frame

All three models offer users the ability to trade NFT on TVs, an entirely different way to access the world of digital artworks, those referred to as ‘Crypto Art’. 

However, beyond TVs, there are other ways of accessing the world of NFTs. And here, one cannot fail to mention TAG Heuer’s special watch, launched in early July. 

Thanks to the Lens software update, TAG Heuer was able to integrate functions to link to crypto wallets such as MetaMask and Ledger Live and the ability to display one or more NFTs on the watch itself. 

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Stefania Stimolo
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