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Lugano: a new billionaire backing Bitcoin

Kjell Inge Rokke, a Norwegian billionaire, has moved to Lugano and revealed that he is extremely supportive of Bitcoin. 

Rokke, the new billionaire who moved to Lugano supports Bitcoin

Aker ASA, the oil company run by the Norwegian billionaire, which recently expanded into the renewable energy sector, has decided to start a new business focused on Bitcoin development. 

Not surprisingly, Kjell Inge Rokke has moved to Lugano, Switzerland, which has recently launched the famous Plan ₿. Will this be one of its first positive effects?

Rokke revealed that, in his opinion, Bitcoin could be the best weapon of defense against the weaknesses that are still raging against the traditional financial system today. 

Cryptocurrencies and their decentralizing nature, could be a solution to the woes that Central Banks around the world are facing right now.

In addition, Kjell Inge Rokke believes that in the not-too-distant future, Bitcoin’s share price could exceed $1 million

For this very reason, he has decided to invest part of his company’s liquid resources in BTC.

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Rokke dives into the development and innovation of the Bitcoin ecosystem

The new company dedicated to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Seetee AS

To do this, he started a new business under the name Seetee AS, which aims to exploit the full potential of the queen of crypto. 

As his inauguration speech, Rokke announced:

“Seetee is a new company dedicated to investing in projects and companies throughout the bitcoin ecosystem and which will keep all its liquid investable assets in bitcoin.

Seetee’s initial capital will be 500 million kroner (~$59 million). This will be an amount we aim to increase significantly over time.”

Subsequently, Rokke expressed his views in a letter to shareholders posted on Seetee’s website

“We will use bitcoin as our treasury asset and join the community. In bitcoin speak, we will be hodler.”

The new company will focus on industry development and innovation, actively collaborating with established entities. One of the first partnerships signed is with Blockstream. The agreement aims to start with mining, a smart move to start making a name for itself in the industry.

Beliefs and background of Kjell Inge Rokke

The information gathered is not enough as of yet, and it might be risky to make such a claim, but, chances are, Rokke will be the next Bitcoin maximalist

So far, it seems that his focus has only been on the queen of crypto and its potential, so much so that he has stated that:

“Bitcoin may still go to zero. But it can also become the core of a new monetary architecture. If so, one bitcoin may be worth millions of dollars.”

The story of the Norwegian billionaire

Rokke seem to appear in Lugano out of nowhere, but his story is truly amazing.

He has always been known to be a new “self-made.” He has never had a secondary or higher education, is even dyslexic, and at a young age was a fisherman for years. 

After working a few years in Alaska, he managed to save enough money to buy a fishing boat. That was the turning point that led him to found what would later become the American Seafoods Company.

In 1996 he returned to Norway and today, according to Forbes magazine, he is the fourth richest man in the country

Currently, Rokke is the largest shareholder in the holding company Aker ASA, with a majority stake of 67%.

Eliano Martellucci
Eliano Martellucci
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