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Poseidon DAO presents Yu Cai and Niro Perrone

Poseidon DAO is pleased to announce that, starting with the AMA to be held on Monday, 26 September at 7 PM (CET), it will host a series of meetings to be attended by ever-changing NFT personalities, with a view to mutual support between the DAO and artists.

The guests for this first meeting will be Ivan Quaroni, senior curator and art critic with decades of experience in traditional art and active in the NFT sector since 2020, who will talk with two artists very active in the NFT sector, although very different from each other: Yu Cai and Niro Perrone

Yu Cai, who has always been passionate about art, has studied the subject both in the East and in Europe, approaching many different techniques before moving on to NFTs, in which the reference to Chinese reality is very strong.

Niro Perrone, for his part, discovered his vocation during the lockdown, coinciding with the first upturn in the NFT market. His works, featuring a lot of pop art, are narrative flashes filled with monsters and chimeras, characterized by a wide spectrum of colors that make the characters stand out. 

During the AMA, along with the discussion between the critic and the artists, the discussion will also cover the collaboration between Yu and Niro from which the work “Everybody Knows by Now” was born. There will also be a special focus on the perception of artist collaborations in the NFT world, which is full of virtuous examples, and in the mainstream art world in which they are very rare.