Armani Beauty in the Metaverse with “Rewrite the Code” on Fortnite
Armani Beauty in the Metaverse with “Rewrite the Code” on Fortnite

Armani Beauty in the Metaverse with “Rewrite the Code” on Fortnite

By Stefania Stimolo - 27 Sep 2022

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Armani Beauty steps into the Metaverse by launching “Rewrite the Code”, the new game on Fortnite inspired by the new men’s fragrance Armani Code Parfum.

Armani Beauty heads into the Fortnite Metaverse with Rewrite the Code game

The beauty products section of the famous Italian luxury fashion house, Armani Beauty, is diving into the metaverse, launching a new game on Fortnite, called “Rewrite the Code.” 

According to reports, Rewrite the Code is inspired by the brand’s new men’s fragrance, Armani Code Parfum.

And indeed, Véronique Gautier, Global President of Armani Beauty, at L’Oréal said: 

“Gaming is a new, very natural world to express the new Armani Code fragrance’s modern masculinity. Fortnite is a perfect cultural match with our Armani Code [male] audiences — young, urban, modern — and [gives] the opportunity to tap into the Gen Z gamers, who spend three-times more time on Fortnite than on TikTok.”

The game launched on 26 September and is supported by livestreams with players on YouTube, TikTok and Twitch in the US, UK, France, Spain and Germany.

Rewrite the Code: how Armani’s new game works in the Fortnite metaverse

Gautier also described how Armani’s new Rewrite the Code game on Fortnite works, saying that players have the power to put the world back in order by “rewriting the code.” 

Basically, players collect code numbers to unlock them, and each speed run is a mini-game that features a different environment, featuring an olfactory ingredient found in the Armani Code scent, such as iris, cedarwood, and sage.  

In this regard, Gautier said: 

“The concept of the game inside Fortnite Creative is a natural extension of the Armani Code communication platform. Gamers are invited to ‘rewrite the code,’” said Gautier. “The codes of a new, forward-facing future, the codes of modern men and women in progress. Imagine a world where everything goes wrong, goes in reverse. What if you have the power to put the world back in order, to rewrite the codes? Players are taken on exciting speed runs through a backward urban world before using the Armani Code fragrance to unlock a forward-facing future.”

The protagonist of the Armani Code campaign unveiled this September is British actor Regé-Jean Page, who advances by walking and running through the streets in a world where people walk backwards and clock hands turn counterclockwise. 

In the campaign, Page will only stop when he encounters a woman whom he looks at intensely, and at that very moment the bottle of Armani Code pops out as if to indicate that from now on, the world is back on the right track. 

Fortnite and the pixel-flavored Coke Zero Sugar Byte

Fortnite, the online video game developed by Epic Games, has welcomed to its Fortnite Creative section not only Armani Beauty with its Armani Code Parfum-inspired game, but also Coca-Cola’s dedicated product. 

Indeed, back in April, the global beverage giant announced the launch of its new pixel-flavored Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte on Pixel Point Island in Fortnite. 

In that case, the game, instead of inviting players to rewrite the code as with Armani Beauty’s Rewrite the Code, invited them to participate in mini-games of treasure hunts and other activities. 

Stefania Stimolo

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