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Poseidon DAO’s AMA: a talk with Giovanni Motta and Emanuele Ferrari

Following the success of the first two AMAs, Poseidon DAO returns with a third meeting, to be held on Monday, 10 October at 9 PM (CET).

The space held by Poseidon DAO in collaboration with The Cryptonomist last Monday, 3 October was full of surprises. Undisputed protagonists Giovanni Motta and Emanuele Ferrari talked about their most recent projects and how NFTs have changed the way they work and live. 

The event is part of a series: every week Poseidon will host different artists, collectors and experts in the NFT sector on its Twitter channel in order to raise awareness and create synergies among the various actors in the field. 

Emanuele Ferrari, the crypto artist featured on Poseidon DAO’s first AMA

As a world-famous fashion photographer, Emanuele Ferrari has collaborated with big brands and appeared in the most famous magazines in the industry. Growing his fame in Europe, he became known overseas thanks to the magazine “The Next Door Models” in which models were photographed during everyday life, without the constructs imposed by a photo shoot. 

Approaching the NFT industry in late 2021, he first began buying works, and then was able to bring collectors-oriented projects to life. It is from this prior experience as a collector that the Secret and Moongirls projects were born, aimed at expanding and rewarding the audience of holders. 

In Emanuele’s case, the choice of debuting in the NFT world was due to increasing pressures from stylists in the world of fashion photography, who impose specific canons and thus limit the photographers’ possibility of artistic expression. 

His talent was immediately appreciated in Web3, and this allowed him to become his own client, enabling him to achieve greater personal satisfaction while not leaving his old job altogether. 

“Now I feel like an artist, before I was just a worker,” he told the audience in attendance. He also draws attention to the figure of the model who, central in the fashion world, according to Emanuele, in the world of NFT is – for now – rendered a mere object.

Secret and Moongirls by Emanuele Ferrari

Although the idea for the Moongirls series predates Secret, Emanuele Ferrari chose to launch Secret first as he felt that his own audience of collectors was too small for a project like Moongirls. 

The Secret project – born as a kind of Pass for Moongirls – was a huge success, matched by that of the subsequent series. With Moongirls, the first example of generative photography on Web3, Emanuele enlisted the help of several artists including Xcopy, JakNFT, DeeKay, and Giovanni Motta, who unleashed their creativity on the basis of the proposed photo. 

Giovanni Motta, the prominent NFT artist featured on Poseidon DAO’s AMA

Giovanni Motta has extensive experience in the artistic field, also appreciated in the East where he is represented by Func Gallery in Shanghai, China. In his works, both physical and digital, it is introspective research that drives him

Self-taught, he immerses himself in long meditation sessions to search for elements of his past and then imprint in the works the elements that meditation brings back to his mind. He approached NFTs to get away from the power dynamics to which very often physical art artists are subjected, always forced to produce for galleries that retain very high percentages, with digital art he found serenity in his work that has not failed even in this bear market moment.

Metaborg and Five Stars by Giovanni Motta

Following the success that his 1/1 works found among collectors of Non Fungible Tokens, Giovanni turned his attention to Metaborg, a comic book purchasable as NFT whose first issue was released in July 2022. In the project he has included many other artists and several collectors who – introduced at the end of the first issue – will be the undisputed protagonists of the second issue. Through a dialogue with the people behind the characters, he managed to create a child version of each of them. 

Also presented was the Five Stars project, which is linked to Metaborg and in which both physical art and NFTs coexist, to be launched before the second issue of Metaborg. Inspired by Kevin Abosch’s “I’m a coin” project, Five Stars combines the certification given by the artist’s blood with the quintessential authenticity that is art on blockchain. Five Stars NFT holders will be able to redeem a physical work “signed” with the artist’s own blood, which, he said, will make its genetic data available on blockchain so anyone who has the physical work in the future can have the DNA analyzed to make sure the work is an original Motta.

Discussion and confrontation

The discussion between the artists during the AMA centered on the role of tokenomics in digital art projects. According to Giovanni, it is a great marketing tool with which to explain one’s art, while according to Emanuele it is a tool that allows not only to explain to holders what is behind the project, but also to remunerate collectors, which for him is crucial.

Furthermore, both also indulged in advice directed at new artists: Giovanni suggests creating a solid routine, allowing time for experimentation without forgetting careful management of social profiles. For Emanuele, on the other hand, it is necessary to put oneself first from the perspective of the buyer, buying works before selling them and always taking care of all owners.

Poseidon DAO’s upcoming AMA

Poseidon DAO announced the main guests of the upcoming AMA to be held on Monday, 10 October at 9 PM (CET): Emanuele Dascanio, Matteo Mauro, and Leo Caillard.