Play2Learn and Metahug, the brands gamifying education, launch crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo
Play2Learn and Metahug, the brands gamifying education, launch crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Play2Learn and Metahug, the brands gamifying education, launch crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

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Play2Learn, the first Web3 integration from Roblox to Discord, through Gamified Education, will transform Web3 education for the masses, revolutionize how young people (age 4-25) learn, and influence marketing departments to prioritize education before sales, Play2Learn and Metahug, the twin brands gamifying education for brands and kids, launch a $20,000 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. 

This campaign will provide the necessary support for Play2learn, a B2B brand, to help companies gamify their marketing campaigns to build community engagement and improve education around their products. Also, Metahug, a B2C DAO, will further help kids (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) and parents gamify education and the bond around the learning journey, make learning fun and engaging in reimagining kids’ lives, reduce out-of-school children, promote intrinsic motivation for learning, and make screen time valuable. 

Providing a gamified experience for brands and kids

Fifty million kids play Roblox daily, having fun but not learning much of anything. Screen time should be leveraged to turn kids into learners to help them learn more about what is and isn’t taught in school. Additionally, brands hire expensive agencies full of adults to build gamified experiences for kids and leverage users in Roblox for their gains. Instead, kids should be creating experiences for other kids. 

But how and where to start is a problem for brands trying to leverage this new frontier. Also, the current business model for global educational classes worth listening to is paid. Additionally, digital learning and certifications are costly, especially for people from low-income families. Therefore, they will be left out of the opportunities in Web3 unless the model changes or there is a special consideration.

Solving these challenges through Play2Learn and Metahug

Explaining the needs for gamified education, Joshua Johnson, the co-founder of Play2learn, said, “Parents that don’t allow kids screen time will feel safe in the metahug world environment that is highly curated for safety and education, limiting the kids to age 4-25. 

We are shifting the paradigm of report cards to be more integrated into real-world value. So the motivation helps propel the action, e.g., The web3 lesson needs a fresh, fun way to learn in a Roblox game with friends and metahug incentives, rewarded by brands for coffee from Starbucks or shoes from Nike which we can pay for or the brand can donate.”

Gamified education will make kids learn without them knowing they’re learning in a soon-to-be popular game on Roblox. Additionally, parents who didn’t allow screen time are now the biggest advocates for the child to play so the kid doesn’t get left behind in learning what’s not available in school. 

The future is exponential, with more to learn added daily. Our initiative nudges parents not to limit screen time in order not to hold the kids back but hold them accountable, ensuring every second of the screen time is valuable. As a concept, Play2learn and Metahug are emulating the future of work and Web3 learning, among many things, as if it is a fun chore for the whole family to do together, like a nightly game of monopoly but online to connect family members miles apart.

This gamified concept will bring tremendous benefits to developing countries full of citizens seeking jobs without a college degree. YouTube has millions of hours of education, but the structure isn’t there. MIT or Harward have their classes open online, but a certificate of completion is expensive. However, Play2learn, proving the gamified marketing exam was successful with an NFT, is valuable for the kid in India or Africa to be hired on Upwork or Fiverr. This, among many other reasons, is why you should support this campaign.

According to Lian Pham, the co-founder of MetaHug:

“Roblox has 50 million daily active users worldwide and has created over 20 million gaming experiences since 2008. Today, we’re asking for your support in making gaming educational and screen time valuable, given this immensely pivotal time in humanity as we rethink learning together. Learn with us. How do you learn? Everyone has their own story. Share yours today”. 

Donating to this crowdfunding campaign will help the project launch its first gamified education experience in Roblox on Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, end of November. Therefore, Play2Learn seeks $20,000 to support this goal. For accountability, contributions to the campaign will help fund the project, build more games on different concepts, reach out to more CMOs and brands for sponsorship and product donations, and grow the Metahug DAO that develops gamified education experiences by young people for young people.

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