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Reactive Reality launches PICTOFiT Mirror

Reactive Reality, the leading augmented reality (AR) company enhancing both physical retailers and e-commerce platforms with its virtual try-on technology, announces the official launch of its patented PICTOFiT Mirror. The UK will first see the mirrors in use at Hugo Boss’ flagship Oxford Street store.

Reactive Reality launch PICTOFiT Mirror

The mirror functions by allowing customers to create a lifelike avatar – reflecting their exact body shape and measurements with an accuracy of over 93%. Garments and accessories can be tried on with accurate, physics-based fitting, size recommendations, and even an indication of tightness/looseness around the entire body.

The PICTOFiT Mirror provides physical stores with the patented, AR solution needed to modernise bricks-and-mortar offerings in an increasingly digitalised industry. The mirror will give customers the opportunity to virtually try on thousands of items on lifelike personalised avatars, which are tailored to the consumers’ own dimensions and body shape.

With this launch, Reactive Reality is enabling merchandisers to take the next step forward toward an omnichannel model of retail. Retailers can now combine the familiarity and experience of in-store shopping with the convenience of unrestricted stock and home delivery provided by online shopping.

Extremely flexible and allowing shoppers to engage in a variety of ways, the system itself consists of two devices; the mirror, which displays a dressing room with the user’s avatar and outfit of choice, and a tablet, which is used for user interaction. Alternatively, customers can also pair their own smartphone with the mirror. Depending on the type of display, the system can even be configured in a second mode where the interaction is done directly through touch input on the mirror itself.

The PICTOFiT Mirror represents the next stage in in-store merchandising allowing customers to quickly try on a multitude of different products, mix & match outfits and get accurate size recommendations. Unlike standard fitting rooms, the smart mirror allows customers to try on products which are not currently in stock. With this new offering, Reactive Reality also aims to reduce fitting room fatigue by eliminating the need to wait in queues or squeeze into products in a tiny changing room.

Studies have shown that, on average, consumers are only prepared to wait for a maximum of five minutes in a queue before abandoning their items and walking out. This new effortless method of trying on different combinations of clothes is much faster than conventional approaches and will thus reduce queuing time which is a bonus for both shoppers and retailers alike.

For retailers, the PICTOFiT Mirror can be seamlessly integrated into their existing offerings. Reactive Reality provides a number of different input options (product photos, CAD models or 3D scanning) allowing stockists to digitize their entire inventory for the virtual fitting room. The mirror can also be linked to the retailer’s e-commerce solution allowing for a convenient transition between in-store and online browsing for customers who wish to reuse their avatar when trying on products online.

When implementing the mirror, retailers will see how Reactive Reality’s technological offering can significantly enhance customer engagement turning what was once a dull and time-consuming chore into a fun & interactive experience.

About Reactive Reality

Reactive Reality is the leading virtual try-on (VTO) provider in e-commerce. Its PICTOFiT platform powers the most realistic, scalable and fun online shopping experiences for brands and retailers around the world. The platform can also create photorealistic avatars of shoppers to enable accurate size recommendations across brands. The experience is frictionless for users, and fun! Avatars can be dressed interactively, including unlimited outfit combinations and virtual background scenes. The company’s customers report a 6x sales uplift of online shoppers who use PICTOFiT.

In e-commerce, scalability is essential. PICTOFiT transforms existing product photos into VTO assets using Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can be used across multiple phases in a product’s lifecycle including design, planning, visual merchandising, and virtual fitting. The process is quick and easy to integrate, enabling retailers to capture garments and accessories, shoes, and bags in a matter of minutes. If you want to learn more, stop by our booth H5/No.17 to meet us and test our PICTOFiT platform. Reactive Reality also enables fashion brands to release entire collections digitally, meaning consumers can access fashion in the Metaverse.

Headquartered in Graz, Austria, and with offices in San Francisco, California, and Tokyo. The Reactive Reality team is 55 people strong and growing. The team consists of world-class engineers and scientists with extensive experience in AR, VR, and AI. Clients include global fashion retailers such as Hugo Boss, and have active partnerships with Microsoft and the London College of Fashion.