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How Tesla, Telecom, PayPal, Saras and Nexi stocks are performing

While there is a buying spree on the American and European stock exchanges, some stocks stand out and are significant in light of the macro and geopolitical context, including Tesla, Telecom, PayPal, Saras, and Nexi.

The stocks value of Tesla, Telecom, PayPal, Saras and Nexi in detail

Buying spree in yesterday’s trading day on the most attractive stocks on Wall Street and mainland European exchanges despite a rather unstable and volatile situation with some analysts beginning to see a very distant light at the end of the bear market tunnel.

The end of the bear market according to some should be expected by this coming fall and the average duration data also brings relief but of course no one can make predictions or claim it just because in the past these periods have not lasted more than a year and a half / a year and 9 months on average.

Tesla Stock

Elon Musk‘s company stood out in yesterday’s trading day for the excellent performance that made it jump up to $220.19 per share in the automotive sector, which is also growing slightly.

According to analysts’ outlook, Tesla Motors (TSLA) could be heading for bearish implications and people should also watch how the Nasdaq index in general moves.

The support area to watch out for is the one placed at $212.70 a share while an upside resistance level is far away at $224 a share.

The EV company has reported some technical problems faced by the Berlin gigafactory that have led it to shift production of batteries destined for the cars produced at that site to Texas with employment and economic fallout for Europe and the company itself.

In the meantime, in spite of everything, this morning the stock again showed some volatility but seems to give signs of hope that rule out new downturns, at least according to the charts.


Buzzing of takeovers in the Italian telecommunications house, the company in fact is the subject of interest by several funds that see its potential with a view to investment and transformation based on the Spanish model of Telefonica.

The general interest, whether speculative or not, has generated buzz around the stock, which performed +6.56%, before reaching as high as +8%.

The Cassa Depositi e Prestiti cordate will take a long time according to insiders, and as a result, the possibility that an investment fund (Cvc) will take over for Telecom Italia and then reorganize the company as per CEO Pietro Labriola’s plan is increasingly likely.

Cvc, which controls Recordati, Rgi, Multiversity and many other companies had already shown its interest in the Italian telecommunications company by offering to take over 49% of Enterprise Co, bringing into it the digital companies Noovle, Olivetti and Telsy in addition to the data centers.

The proposal had not been accepted, but now a new proposal is being studied by Cvc signaling strong interest in the stock, which is moving to cash with the stock’s performance on the stock market.

PayPal Stock

PayPal shares mark a 0.63 point (0.74%) rise to $85.29.

The world’s leading digital payments company, despite the end of the online shopping boom during the pandemic lockdown period, holds up well, showing strength and gaining a tentative +0.74% yesterday to $85.29 a share.

From January 2022 to today, the stock has suffered a 55% loss in value, whereas if we refer to the 12-month figure, the percentage worsens to as much as 68%.

According to analysts and insiders, even though this data is the result of the macroeconomic and geopolitical context, in addition to the high cost of energy, part of the value defection comes from the lack of innovation at the expense of more virtuous companies such as NEXI.

NEXI Stock

Nexi is a payments company that allows people to make payments with their cards in a single platform through an app installed on their smartphone or any other device (Google watch, tablet, etc.), scanning and capturing the data so that they can cope with a payment only by bringing the device closer to the POS.

In yesterday’s session, the company benefited from a 4.25% rise suggesting a mini uptrend in the short term.

After the high of 8.95 euros per share recorded on the last day the idea of staying in the green zone in the short term seems to strengthen.

The ratio between the performance of the FTSE Italia All-Share index and NEXI found a positive variation of 2.44% compared to the previous session a sign of strength for the stock that sees the same trend in volumes also increased compared to the average of the week thus attracting the interest of investors with the probable triggering of a very volatile period.


Saras SpA, a company founded in 1962 that is involved in oil refining and power generation, is showing that it is holding up to the shocks of geopolitics that greatly affect the hydrocarbon and electricity markets.

OPEC’s recent decision on cutting production by 2,000 barrels per day has impacted the Italian stock, and although the company is diversifying its revenues, oil extraction and refining remain the company’s core business.

The previous close was 1.04 euros a share with a loss of nearly 5% (4.99%) on the previous close.

The opening at 1.09 euro a share had raised hopes at the start but throughout the session, it was a long descent even touching 1.038 euro on the close.

The stock is doing better on a weekly basis, managing to mitigate the return and show more interest in the company than in the entire FTSE MIB index, which is the benchmark for Saras SpA.

On 18 October, Consob reported that Farringford Foundation (the stake is indirectly held by Urion Holdings Malta) had increased its exposure in Saras to 5.226% from 3.01% where it started.

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