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NFTs: copyright for photos on Algorand’s blockchain

Metabrand.tech recently collaborated with Algorand in order to certify the copyright of photographs through NFTs by leveraging blockchain technology in collaboration with photography studio BK Studios.

Metabrand.tech is an all-Italian startup that offers a consulting service for companies to use NFTs to increase their brand equity, improve customer experience and provide efficient and innovative marketing strategies. 

During the last edition of the Venice International Film Festival, BK Studios took photos of many celebrities including Timothee Chalamet, Sadie Sink, Adam Driver and British singer-songwriter and author Harry Styles (here in photo):

harry styles
Harry Styles at the Venice International Film Festival

BK Studios is part of Brad&K Productions, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Italy dedicated to the world of film and audiovisual entertainment, and the photos are then used not only for films but also for marketing campaigns or simply on Instagram.

The copyright of photos using NFTs

Specifically, Metabrand.tech has designed for BK Studios the Photochain platform that can certify the copyright of photos and videos as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on Algorand blockchain technology. 

Algorand’s technology was devised in 2017 by Silvio Micali, an Italian professor of mathematics and cryptography at MIT who received the Turing Prize for contributions that helped lay the groundwork for complexity theory in cryptography. Called “the green blockchain,” Algorand is carbon free and has partnerships with organizations focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility such as ClimateTrade. Algorand is a blockchain technology that aims to be secure, scalable and decentralized. 

In addition, the Algorand platform supports tools for smart contracts and its consensus algorithm is based on proof-of-stake and the so-called byzantine agreement protocol, while ALGO is its crypto.

Metabrand.tech is, therefore, officially part of the Algorand network.

The photo here of Harry Styles at the recent Venice Film Festival as Photochain Certification linked to NFT:

algorand nft harry styles
The NFT certificate of Harry Styles’ photo registered on the Algorand blockchain

NFT and copyright

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token: “Token” as a vessel of digital information; “non-fungible” as “non-substitutable,” meaning a unique and inimitable asset, but most importantly inviolable thanks to the blockchain that creates a digital certificate of the work, equivalent to an artist’s certificate of authenticity for his physical works.

Photochain, thus involves the use of digital tokens for a legal copyright purpose: one enters the data required to certify the copyright into a dashboard, which is then subsequently entered into the blockchain mechanism.

This results in a digital certificate of the photographic work that is unique and cannot be modified in any way: the work is protected from any attempted infringement, and the digital certificate is entered directly into the copyright holder’s wallet.

Alessandra Bonifacio
Alessandra Bonifacio
Graduated in modern literature, she is interested in communication and digital humanities after taking part in a research project in collaboration with Stanford University and in a summer school in digital marketing at the IE Business School.