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Gucci unveils its metaverse: the experience in The Sandbox

Doors are open for Gucci’s metaverse in The Sandbox, the digital real estate platform. Gucci’s metaverse is named Gucci Vault Land and will be open until 9 November. 

This establishes Gucci as the first brand in the fashion world to have its own space on the platform. Which, concurrently, expands its own metaverse center. 

How Gucci’s metaverse is structured

Designed to be Gucci’s metaverse and Web3 space, the world will host a selection of NFT artworks, the brand’s past NFT works, and its community. 

In addition, the Gucci metaverse will present its garden concept: the “Jardín de curiosities,” through which users will access the space. There will also be vintage pieces from the brand, displayed but not for sale. 

Finally, the Gucci metaverse will also be an educational game space about the legacy and products of the infamous brand. 

In addition to a fashion-focused metaverse space, Gucci will also offer fashion items for players of The Sandbox to buy and wear in the game’s virtual reality. In search of precious wonders, Gucci Vault Land will feature a selection of digital collectibles. 

From hats to skate ramps and even a car, each piece is designed as a valuable collectible that players can display in their land. 

In addition, as a bonus for the Gucci Vault community, those who have a Gucci Vault NFT in their wallets, such as “SuperGucci” or “Gucci Grail NFT,” will have the opportunity to claim a Gucci Vault Aura collectible, which their avatars can use in The Sandbox.

The goal of the Gucci metaverse

The brand’s intent states: 

“Gucci’s virtual reality was created to realize the vision of an experience that offers enthusiasts the opportunity to meet real and imaginary worlds, past, present and future that coincide and a parallel multiverse of light and shadow.”

Gucci Vault Land was conceived by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. The Vault represents a meeting point of different perspectives that intertwine and unleash creativity. 

It also takes on the contours of a temporary experimental platform where the multifaceted essence of what the Vault is today can manifest itself in a totally explorable space full of surprises between art, fashion and, of course, video games. 

The brand aims to educate the Web3 community about Gucci’s legacy by exposing users to different elements of the Vault’s pillars. 

Moreover, Gucci hopes to attract non-native users and recognizes the potential need for those who are new to the metaverse experiences to be able to access it in a way that is simple, intuitive and fun at the same time. 

Indeed, Gucci has designed NPCs, “non-playable characters,” who roam Gucci Vault Land, ready to help players during activities.

Gucci and its history with NFTs

This is not the first time Gucci has licensed items to be made virtual. In fact, it previously partnered with two Roblox developers to launch an official clothing collection in December 2020. 

Gucci has also created a virtual space on Roblox called ” Gucci Garden Experience.” Notably, some of the Roblox items have been resold for thousands of dollars, with prices comparable to real Gucci handbags.

The brand also rose to prominence in the crypto sector as the first luxury brand to launch an NFT. In fact, already last year the famous Gucci Aria NFT artwork was auctioned at Christie’s

More recently, a collaboration with Superplastic has resulted in Supergucci, a series of NFTs and ceramic artworks that combine the iconic motifs of the Florentine fashion house with the world of digital animation. 

They are called CryptoJanky NFTs, and they are very limited, high-value digital works that draw inspiration from Gucci’s distinctive motifs, iconic images and symbols, reinterpreted by Janky & Guggimon, Superplastic’s famous virtual characters.

In addition, Gucci continues to invest in decentralized platforms and assets, also showing no signs of slowing down in its expansion into the Web3 world. 

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