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Dash 2 Trade raises more than $4 million in pre-sale

The new Dash 2 Trade (D2T) trading analytics platform in just two weeks has surpassed $4 million in presale.

What is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is an innovative platform for conducting analysis on the crypto market. It seems to have been highly anticipated by industry experts for the innovations it will bring to that world, from automated analysis to social trading.

Its features outlined in the new platform’s whitepaper have piqued the interest of many:

  • Automatic trading signals to fine-tune the trader’s investment experience;
  • Social sentiment analysis to procure the best cryptocurrencies of the moment;
  • Social trading strategy mapping and planning tools;
  • Ability to acquire points by investing and access with pre-emptions to upcoming cryptocurrencies;
  • Notifications and reminders about new releases to stay up-to-date anywhere, anytime.

Dash 2 Trade has developed a proprietary system for scoring each upcoming project. It is one of the most useful and appreciated features of the platform as allows you to invest in a project that has not yet been launched, with great profit margins

To participate in presales, you need to go to dash2trade.com and connect your crypto wallet, such as MetaMask or Wallet Connect. There are several ways to buy for D2T using Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT).

Dash 2 Trade’s presale boom

The Dash 2 Trade project has been in the works for a long time and has created a modest hype given the potential of the project.

Although the project was conceived a long time ago, it was launched in the market only two weeks ago and the result is very remarkable for two reasons: the speed with which the project has raised a huge amount of capital is remarkable, but more importantly for the fact that in the bearish phase it is much more complicated to get investors and traders into one’s project.

Dash 2 Trade’s ecosystem is based on its D2T token, so in order to access all the features of the trading analysis platform, one must have purchased the native token as well. There is, however, the possibility of accessing the Dash 2 Trade platform while not having purchased the free token, one can have access to a free version, with clearly limited functionality.

LBank will be the first CEX to list the native D2T token

Through an announcement on its website, the Dash 2 Trade team stated that LBank will be the first CEX to list the D2T token. According to the agreement, the token will be listed as soon as the presale ends. At the time of the launch of Dash 2 Trade’s platform, which is in the first quarter of 2023, LBank’s listing will also take place concurrently during that period. 

This is not the first time LBank has allowed itself to list such a promising altcoin.

However, evaluating the interest of investors, the perfect presale performance, and the innovation of the new dashboard, the Dash 2 Board project will surely be on everyone’s lips very soon. 

Expectations are really high, considering that so few have managed to achieve a result like this in presale.