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Poseidon DAO presents Monuverse

For this week only, Poseidon DAO is doubling its appointments: tomorrow at 7 PM (CET), it will host Monuverse, an NFT project that will launch its first series of collectibles on Friday, 11 November. 

Monuverse: the NFT project

As stated on their website, Monuverse is:

“a Crypto Art project that pushes cultural heritage to the next level […] to enhance the world’s most iconic monuments with the help of art and technology, connecting communities to local institutions around the world to create a new way of experiencing and supporting our heritage.”

Following their success on 31 December, when they transformed Milan’s historic Arch of Peace into an innovative digital artwork, creating an immersive experience that merged physical and virtual realities while giving the Arch of Peace a new life, Monuverse on Friday, November 11 at 6 PM UTC will launch the first set of 7777 NFTs that can be minted here.

You can join the premint by using our reserved link premint.xyz/monuverse-poseidon by entering the password PDN11