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AS Roma creates mural in honor of Ennio Morricone thanks to Socios Fan Tokens

AS Roma together with partner Socios unveils a mural in honor of the 94th anniversary of Ennio Morricone’s birth. 

AS Roma fans decided on the image of the mural on Socios’ platform

The maestro was a big fan of the Giallorossi team, so the club used its partnership with Socios to carry out the project. The work has the signature of Lucamaleonte and was titled “View of Rome.”

The Rome-based soccer club relied on Socios’ specialized fan token platform to choose the image. This was done through a vote on the fan engagement platform, in which about 4,500 fans participated, all of whom hold the official token of AS Roma, $ASR.

The mural can be seen in Piazza Lorenzo Lotto, on the facade of a building, precisely in the Tor Marancia neighborhood.  

Socios and its collaboration with the AS Roma club

The collaboration between the Giallorossi club and Socios.com was made official in July 2021: fans were given the opportunity to name one of the training fields in Trigoria after a legend from the past. The top voted-for was Amedeo Amadei, who beat out competition from other iconic legends of the club such as Guido Masetti, Attilio Ferraris, Pedro Manfredini, and Aldo Maldera. 

All polls are conducted in a secure environment and participation is recorded on the blockchain, so the results are transparent and cannot be changed. This means that AS Roma fans can use $ASR Fan Tokens to vote in the club’s polls confident that the result will be fair.

Francesco Calvo, Chief Revenue Officer of AS Roma, said:

“We are pleased to welcome Socios.com among our partners.AS Roma, as a Club, has a duty to be always very attentive and proactive towards new technologies and innovation. Thanks to this blockchain platform we can guarantee new opportunities to our fan base around the world, giving them the chance to interact with their favorite team in an innovative way.”

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Socios, said:

“I am delighted to welcome AS Roma to the Socios.com platform. With the addition of another great Serie A club, we are quickly building a strong ecosystem consisting of top clubs, a huge community of soccer fans, and a unique platform that allows fans to interact with their favorite team in an innovative way. This partnership also gives us the opportunity to educate a large number of users about the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, not only in Europe but also in Asia and Latin America. If we add up the amount of fans of each of our current partner teams, we already have a potential market audience consisting of hundreds of millions of fans and as many potential users for $CHZ and Socios.com.”

Are fan tokens the revolution in modern soccer?

The soccer industry was hit hard during the pandemic, reaching drastic declines in the market. This backdrop encouraged the momentum toward digitization, with the introduction of innovative solutions to generate new revenue, such as Fan Tokens.

A Fan Token is a blockchain-based digital asset that grants its possessor several benefits including discounts, promotions, priority access to purchase tickets, participation in reserved events, and even club decisions.

As such, this is a new way to create a community of fans. A virtual community, for the exchange of goods and services. A real revolution for the fan and club sector. 

Meanwhile, the new Main Jersey Sponsor of S.S. Lazio is Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. According to Binance’s own CEO and co-founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao:

“Sports fans will benefit from this revolutionary fan engagement mode. Lazio fans will be able to collect Binance Fan Tokens and NFT offers, enjoy exclusive voting rights on certain Club decisions, unlock Fan Badges and receive unique rewards based on their level of involvement, collect signed merchandise, and even meet their favorite team’s champions in person. Binance Fan Tokens are an exciting way for fans to interact in a more meaningful way with their favorite teams and provide opportunities for Clubs to truly embrace their fans.”

To conclude, we are most likely looking at a new form of interaction with one’s favorite club, an immersive reality that will take fans one step further into the future.