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Adidas launches new NFT wearables collection for the metaverse

Adidas Originals has launched its new 16 NFT collection of wearables (wearable devices), dedicated to the metaverse. This is a new category of interoperable products from the brand, called “Virtual Gear.” 

Adidas and the launch of Virtual Gear, the collection of 16 NFT wearables for the metaverse

The renowned German sports footwear and apparel brand, Adidas Originals, has announced the launch of Virtual Gear, a new category of interoperable products from the brand involving the first collection of 16 NFT wearables

“INTRODUCING ADIDAS VIRTUAL GEAR. Unveiling the genesis collection of Adidas Virtual Gear.

An eclectic mix of impossible silhouettes tying together past and future, virtual and physical, communities and creators, culture and identity.”

Following with the tweets, Adidas describes the collection by saying that it consists of 8 silhouettes in 16 variations, with some rarities chosen by its community. It is therefore a true virtual gear for the new realities: the metaverse

Virtual Gear was revealed after a teaser campaign with the Adidas Discord community and was made available in the wallets of current Phase 2 Capsule NFT owners

Not only that, the new product category by Adidas is designed to be worn by virtual avatars and accessed through a PFP dressing tool, whereas each piece of the latest NFT offering is interoperable with other identity-based designs and worlds. 

This means that the Adidas collection is able to respond and adapt to the metaverse environments being built, such that “Virtual Gear” is ready for all frontiers of Web3.

Adidas increasingly leading the metaverse with NFT collections

The new NFT wearables collection, highlights Adidas Originals’ commitment to reinforcing its strategy of an open, community-based, member-centric metaverse.

In this regard, Adidas Studios Vice President Erika Wykes-Sneyd said: 

“We’re laying down a marker in this new age of originality – one that unquestionably serves the community, heroes the purveyors and collectors of emerging style and culture, benefits the value creators, and supports the diversity of expression and utility that blurring virtual worlds has allowed us all to explore.”

Adidas describes its new NFT garments as the result of a series of disruptive designs, especially for “C2172” and “SPACE CRYSTAL.” Regarding other models such as “WALLRUNNER” and “P.F.D – Personal Flotation Device,” the global giant describes their achievements as provocative ovations to the boundless possibilities of metaverse worlds, as they offer a playful interpretation of the brand’s creative potential.

Up next, with the various models of “NEOBONE,” which is inspired by the rubberized sole motif of the timeless Superstar silhouette, Adidas’ idea was to express subtle hints at iconic aspects of the brand’s inimitable DNA. 

Nic Galway, Senior VP of Creative Director at Adidas Originals, said:

“As a brand, Adidas has always been about exploring the edges of creativity and pushing the boundaries to find what’s beyond. But Web3 offers our designers and collaborators a new outlet to imagine, and reimagine, how our brand can be represented in augmented and virtual worlds. Creatively, we’re extremely proud to say that this virtual collection represents more than just a historic first for Adidas. It also represents an idea of wearable clothing that can transcend time and space, a community that is vividly diverse, and a level of utility that can be explored and even discovered as worlds and avatars take new forms.”

The challenge of BAYC, PUNKS Comic and The Sandbox has been accepted

It was exactly last year when Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and PUNKS Comic issued a challenge to Adidas Originals, teasing it on the social network of crypto-lovers with tweets in which the infamous monkeys wore brand T-shirts

Not only that, The Sandbox had publicly invited the famous footwear and sportswear brand to design something together in the Metaverse

And it cannot be said that the invitation was not answered. Indeed, within a year, Adidas launched several NFT projects, such as the Adidas for Prada re-source: an ambitious and unique NFT project with user-generated and creator-owned art, in collaboration with digital artist Zach Lieberman.

Already with Adidas for Prada re-source, the German brand has targeted engagement with members of its community, inviting would-be participants to sign up with a digital wallet and create their own NFT, using a filter designed by Lieberman.

Competitor Nike creates its own Dot Swoosh NFT platform

Even Nike has recently made waves with the launch of Dot Swoosh, its new Web3 platform and ecosystem, which aims to become the home of Nike’s virtual creations, including its famous NFT collections. 

Users of Nike’s signature Dot Swoosh, will be able to buy, display and trade digital and virtual products, but also unlock access to events and products and co-create products.

According to reports from Polygon, it appears that Nike has chosen to use Ethereum’s second-layer blockchain specifically to build its Web3 experiences.

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