NFT and Emerging Artists: third BOOKDROP by The NFT Magazine
NFT and Emerging Artists: third BOOKDROP by The NFT Magazine

NFT and Emerging Artists: third BOOKDROP by The NFT Magazine

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 29 Nov 2022

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After the first 2 #BookDrops, and live events in New York and Milan with hundreds of attendees for the physical book presentation, The NFT Magazine continues its Phygital vision with the #BookDrop3 of “CRYPTO ART – Begins,” together with talented new artists.

The success of the first two BOOKDROPs featured the first 40 young artists publicly selected by the Community, and now on the Nifty Gateway platform here comes BookDrop3.

From 28 November 2022 for 15 days, through the purchase of NFTs, collectors will have the right to receive, one year before the public release, the physical edition of “CRYPTO ART – Begins” directly to their home, as well as receive another random NFT created by one of the 20 Crypto artists selected by the public call.

A unique opportunity to learn about the present and discover the future of Crypto Art!

How does BOOKDROP3 work

Starting at 06:30 PM (ET) on 28 NOVEMBER (00:30 AM (CET) on 29 November), collectors will be able to mint the NFT BOOKDROP EDITION of “CRYPTO ART – Begins,” priced at $199.

There will be a total of five drops lasting 15 days each time featuring the NFTs of 20 young international Crypto Artists from the 100 highly talented ones chosen by the Community.

With the purchase of the NFT you can:

  • Receive the book in its BOOKSTORE EDITION one year before distribution in US bookstores.
  • No shipping costs for the physical edition of the book
  • Access to events, shows and private initiatives with artists, partners and curators
  • Access to physical events, in the Metaverse and the Readers Club area, reserved for holders of The NFT Magazine
  • Benefit for upcoming issues of The NFT Magazine

The Drop will take place on Nifty Gateway, one of the world’s leading Crypto Art platforms.

Upon completion of the drop, by purchasing the NFT, collectors will be able to immediately redeem the physical copy of the book by filling out a form.

They will also receive a random NFT made by one of the 20 talented and emerging international crypto artists featured in BOOKDROP3.


“CRYPTO ART – Begins” is a groundbreaking book that finds its way onto the shelves of the best bookstores, bookshops and museums around the world, as well as into the Metaverse, with a virtual reality exhibition of all the artists involved accessible thanks to an NFT, which each reader will find inside the book and can redeem for free.

The volume chronicles the exciting Crypto Art movement through the history and works of 50 crypto artists – including HACKATAO, Refik Anadol, Kevin Abosch, Osinachi, Federico Clapis, Giant Swan, and DADA.Art – who have contributed to the birth and are part with their NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens – of the present and future of this new world.

For the first time, the volume “CRYPTO ART – Begins” focuses on artists, works, collectors, curatorship, what has happened and what will happen.

For this, Andrea Concas – Founder of The NFT Magazine – theorizes and defines the “Crypto Art System” by which we go beyond technological solutions, identifying its protagonists, along with the dynamics behind this revolution between communities, digital platforms and artists.

As a part of The NFT Magazine, curator Eleonora Brizi – a pioneer of the movement well before the media boom – engages in a dialogue with 50 artists to discover their works through interviews that reveal the visions, aspirations, complexities, as well as the limits of a world that is waiting to be discovered.

But when does the history of Crypto Art begin? Is it already possible to talk about Crypto Art’s past in order to understand what is happening today?

Within the book “CRYPTO ART – Begins” there is a special contribution written by Martin L. Ostachowski, Artist and Historian of Crypto Art, with which to retrace the milestones of an art movement still in the making.

So why collect Crypto Art? This question was asked of fifty passionate collectors who believe in and support the movement, an active part of the large Crypto Art Community. 

Within the pages of “CRYPTO ART – Begins” are answers from collectors from all over the world: here are 50 great reasons to start collecting Crypto Art!

CRYPTO ART, this is just the beginning…


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