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Polygon upgrades the crypto world

Polygon is one of the most widely used blockchains in the crypto market and the second largest after Ethereum and ahead of Gnosis, but like the other chains, it faces a complex problem, communicating and synthesizing data from the other blockchains. 

With a multi-chain architecture, Polygon helps the other chains function as an Internet of Blockchains.

Basically, it offers the advantage of open source, high levels of security and dynamism for querying data wherever it comes from.

With intensive work by programmers today this problem is a thing of the past and it brings to the crypto world a significant improvement in terms of seamlessness between chains. 

Web3 The Graph Network will enable Polygon’s programmers to easily find the necessary data in order to improve decentralized apps from an efficiency and speed perspective. 

The Application Programming Interface (API) will allow Polygon’s decentralized applications to run on The Graph Network without the hosting service that was necessary until now. 

The API will also be implemented in Web3 The Graph with regard to indexing. 

This protocol is nothing more than a decentralized protocol that is used to consult and ferret out data from totally different blockchains such as Gnosis or Ethereum itself. 

Polygon’s vision for the crypto ecosystem

To incentivize usage, Polygon has provided rewards to its operators to reward queries and subgraphs that they will use in order to improve indexing across worlds. 

Basically, the Application Programming Interface (API) acts as a translator between multiple computer programs in a quick and convenient way.

Hosting The Graph Web3 has enabled decentralized apps to index and query user information that comes from different blockchains regardless of the network used. 

The information that became cross-chain could be retrieved via open source data queries for APIs called the GraphQL standard API. 

This news of Polygon’s upgrade that improves the entire cryptocurrency industry has been seized with success by the market, which has rewarded MATIC

MATIC is Polygon’s token that stands at $0.09 but has achieved a 5% gain since the news was released on Thursday 1 December by the company itself.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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