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Bitget exchange launches its Shark Fin products and a $10,000 BGB scholarship

The crypto-exchange Bitget has launched its Shark Fin products, giving its users a chance to win a $10,000 BGB ‘Learn to Earn’ scholarship

Bitget exchange: the Shark Fin products and the Learn to Earn scholarship

To mark the official launch of Shark Fin products scheduled for 14 December, the crypto-exchange Bitget has decided to offer a $10,000 Learn to Earn BGB scholarship. 

Specifically, a Bitget Shark Fin is a low-risk, 100% collateralized financial product. It has a guaranteed APR and can return higher returns if the value stays within a predetermined price range, regardless of market fluctuations.

Starting today, users of the crypto-exchange will be able to take the Shark Fin Quiz and thus qualify for the Learn-to-Earn scholarship. 

Basically, Bitget will randomly choose 100 users who passed that Quiz with five correct answers and who subscribed to a Shark Fin product with any investment amount from 14 to 16 December, to award 100 BGB each.

Moreover, the first 50 users who subscribe to Shark Fin products with any investment amount will be rewarded with 100 BGB each. Other users will equally share a prize pool of 10,000 BGB during the period. 

Finally, from 14 to 16 December, Bitget will randomly choose 20 users who have subscribed to investments over 0.5 BTC / 8,000 USDT in Shark Fin and give them 500 USDT/cad.

SEED NFT collection to support FTT holders

Recently, Bitget also announced the launch of its Seed NFT collection dedicated to FTT holders who will be able to receive rewards of up to $2 million

A new move to support investors and to rebuild confidence after the collapse of FTX. 

In practice, FTT holders can qualify to receive the prize during the World Cup in Qatar, which has now reached the semi-finals. Specifically, Bitget’s latest airdrop for FTT holders stipulates that: first, eligible users will need to link their wallet to claim NFT Seeds on OpenSea, and the NFT holder can then claim the rewards package on Bitget’s platform.

This rewards package includes free trials, a 50% discount on BTC and ETH purchases, BGB airdrop privileges, and other exclusive benefits. For those who own at least 10 FTT, they will be able to qualify and request their NFT airdrop to unlock the rewards awarded based on the rarity of the NFT they are going to receive.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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