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All the crypto projects World Cup winner Leo Messi is involved in

Leo Messi, the midfielder or striker of Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentina national team, recently won the World Cup with the team of which he is the captain. 

The world soccer champion and winner of as many as seven Ballon d’Or awards has also been very involved in the crypto world, as there are many standing projects he is a part of Bitget, Sorare and Socios, to be specific. Let’s look at them in detail. 

The partnership between Bitget and world cup winner Leo Messi

Bitget is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, which in October announced that it had entered into a partnership with Lionel Andrés Messi, the iconic Argentine soccer player. The announcement kicked off the partnership between Bitget and Messi, with the production of a film a month before the World Cup.

Through this partnership, Bitget offered Messi’s fans a unique opportunity to explore Web 3.0 and the potential of cryptocurrency trading on the exchange. In addition, there is also a shared understanding that the partnership will allow both parties to engage in more robust efforts beyond cryptocurrencies and soccer.

Moreover, the collaboration between Bitget and Leo Messi also comes from the need to rekindle confidence in the crypto world, which has been faltering due to the recent problems with FTX. In fact, with a $20 million investment in various advertising campaigns, Bitget has set out to provide users with attractive rewards to also help improve market sentiment. 

Sorare and Messi: the future of the NFT fantasy soccer

In November, World Cup winner Leo Messi also joined Sorare, the fantasy sports company based on NFT technology and thus blockchain. Thanks to this partnership, Leo Messi officially became an ambassador of Sorare, the blockchain-based gaming platform that, not only includes a game related to soccer, but has also launched games related to baseball and basketball.

With funds raised from a record $680 million Series B funding round, Sorare last year had set its sights on accelerating the development of the fantasy sports platform and thus ended its partnership with soccer star Messi. 

In addition, Messi purchased an equity stake in the blockchain-based fantasy game, hence the new union between the two has led and will lead to the striker providing content and experiences for fans on the non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform. 

World Cup winner Leo Messi is also global ambassador of Socios.com 

Another important pursuit of the union between the world of cryptocurrencies and the world of sports, particularly soccer, is Socios.com‘s signing of Messi as Global Brand Ambassador. 

The Argentine champion has thus begun to promote Socios.com to his 400 million followers, expanding the community of fans who are increasingly embracing digital currencies and especially Fan Tokens.

The partnership with Messi aims to raise the bar for Socios.com’s presence in soccer and sports, innovating the concept of fan engagement. In addition, at the moment Socios has established relationships with more than 130 of the biggest sports organizations, including Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Milan, Napoli, and with Uefa itself. 

Thus, the ultimate goal of partnering with a prominent personality like Messi is inclusion and sharing from the crypto world to soccer fans and beyond. 

Messi’s crypto salary: part of it is paid with the PSG token 

Apparently, Leo Messi will have part of his salary in cryptocurrency, according to the club’s announcement. Thus, the PSG token, upon learning the news, doubled in value. 

Indeed, the world soccer champion signed a two-year contract with the Parisian team, with an option for a third, that will ensure him an annual salary of more than 30 million euros plus bonuses. 

However, PSG clarified that Messi’s welcome package also includes a portion of salary paid with the cryptocurrency “$PSG Fan Tokens.” The news, predictably, sparked a rally in the cryptocurrency: its value has more than doubled since Messi’s signing. The $PSG token, created in January 2020, was intended to build a new fan community, which Messi also joined.

Thus, the engagement and union between the world of sports, soccer in particular, continues for the purpose of a more expansive and promising future for the entire blockchain universe. 

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