The best crypto converters
The best crypto converters

The best crypto converters

By Andrea Porcelli - 30 Dec 2022

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As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow ever larger, awareness of the crypto ecosystem is increasing. Crypto-related payment methods are becoming more common in many countries as well as in many companies and multinational corporations. 

The concept of cryptocurrency as a currency to be used is no longer something related to the future, but rather to the present. 

Why is it important to use the right crypto converters?

An increasing number of companies and startups often find themselves handling cryptocurrencies that need to be converted back into USD mostly for accounting purposes. So it is important to get informed and know which crypto conversion app is best suited for the company’s needs and accounting purposes.

In this article, we will look at five of the best cryptocurrency conversion apps for startups. There are several cryptographic conversion platforms and calculators equipped with different tools that will ensure you get the best quote for your conversion. 

Depending on whether you are a beginner or an expert in the crypto arena, you will be required to choose a platform that will give you the best services.

What are the best crypto converters on the market?

When choosing a converter for your business, you need to know how your company plans to use crypto. If you plan to use crypto as a form of payment, these five converters below offer many advantages for primary use. 


Considered one of the best converters and cryptographic computing systems in the world. It features a very simple interface where you do not need to have knowledge about conversion to use it. 

Currently, the CoinMarketCap platform hosts almost 18 thousand cryptocurrencies and 461 exchanges, so it makes it the largest crypto converter and calculator.  

The conversion proposed by CoinMarketCap can also be saved for later review. 

CoinMarketCap provides its users with a wide range of tools, data, charts, all customizable so that both novice and experienced traders can make the most of them. 

There is one feature that makes CoinMarketCap even more valuable to investors and traders, and that is the Watchlist.

As the name suggests, it is a tool in which you can add all the coins you are interested in. This way, you will have all your coins grouped in one list and you will view them more easily, saving you a lot of time.


If what you need is to focus on determining exchange rates between major cryptocurrencies, CoinDesk’s crypto converter is the best in the field. 

The platform is also very easy to use, as finding the conversion section is straightforward. It is also one of the most accurate in the field, because its conversions have up to six decimal places. CoinDesk’s converter gives the ability to convert crypto to fiat or crypto to crypto. 


Coinbase is another very good conversion app for beginners in the industry. It has a dedicated set of features for businesses examining cryptocurrencies, exchanges and payment methods. 

It supports many cryptocurrencies, truly more than other converters and has the option for custom workflow. 


A more complicated crypto calculator than others. It presents all cryptocurrencies listed on the platform and you will be required to search on the platform before knowing their price. 

However, they have made it easier for users to locate their respective cryptocurrencies by sorting them by market capitalization. This however, is also a feature present on CoinMarketCap.

To get the full functionality of the platform, you will have to create an account from the options they have on their dashboard.


The largest trading and conversion platform in the world, Binance, offers many features. The dashboard and mobile app are very advanced even compared to the converters on this list. Even if some of their features are optional only in the United States, it still remains one of the best converters for accuracy, functionality, and ease of use.

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