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Calvaria, the new play-to-earn crypto game

A new play-to-earn crypto game called Calvaria is scheduled to launch next year. 

The project was launched this year, and at this stage its RIA token is on presale. In the next quarter, the token is expected to be listed on KuCoin, Gate.io and XT.com, according to the roadmap. 

Calvaria, the new play-to-earn game

Calvaria is a card-based crypto game. It is the classic play-to-earn that allows users to earn money by clashing with other users. 

The idea is to create a game that can bridge the “real world” and the crypto world, and thus be fun and accessible, available on both iPhone and Android, as well as PC.

Cryptocurrencies will be used as in-game incentives, and users will be instructed and guided so that they can begin to take their first steps into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Although the game is aimed at users who are not cryptocurrency experts, it is actually possible that its future players will include mostly people who are already accustomed to play-to-earn crypto games. 

However, the game will also be available in a free-to-play version, and will include a marketplace of assets and NFTs

Calvaria’s crypto universe

Calvaria is based on its own universe, within which there are two cities in particular. 

Arcilla Divina is located within the black egg and deep beneath the eternal snow and unchanging obsidian trees, and beneath the unfathomable depths of the Necropolis of Dreamers.

The buildings of this city warp, decay, and sometimes even seem to tremble under the weight of Santa Muerte’s vision. 

Miaquilia is surrounded by the Rings of Preservation and above the Twilight Shores, and is the largest of the cities of men in the universe of Calvaria. 

The city is a psychically malleable space in which what has been agreed upon exists. Its aesthetic is that of a futuristic city on an alien world where other planets, moons and nebulae are visible, with large open squares for municipal meetings. 

Then there is also the Void (Void), with a temple featuring a mixture of materials torn from the other two domains and held together by the bodies of possessed mutants. 

The Void is an endless, dark black expanse that could defy anyone’s grip on sanity. 

Beyond the temple, there are ivory forests made up of the shells left behind by those who sought oblivion, and over time these forests fruit and bloom into nightmarish creatures. 

Each of these domains has specific characters, to which corresponding cards correspond. 

The presale of the $RIA token

A total of one billion RIA tokens exist. 

During the current presale phase, 15% will be put on the market, while a high 15% will be kept as a reserve. Another 25% will go to the staking pool, and 20% to the prize pool. 

6% will be listed on exchanges through an INO. 

The remaining 19% will go to the team, operations, advisers, and the liquidity pool. 

Play-to-earn games

Due to their ease of trading, cryptocurrencies have given rise to a veritable proliferation of play-to-earn games, or online games in which users can earn money by playing. 

Of course, it is by no means a given that one will be able to earn money, but at least these games allow one to try. 

Moreover, it is worth remembering that when you earn cryptocurrencies their value varies over time, so what you actually earn has varying purchasing power. This is why it is important that the tokens given as prizes to players are exchangeable into other top cryptocurrencies, or stablecoins, on exchanges that are accessible to all. 

One of the main problems is that sometimes a lot of hype is generated at launch, or even before the launch itself, which then ends up dissipating over time. This easily leads to a significant loss in the market value of the tokens, often making it unattractive to hold these tokens over the long term. 

A different argument applies to those games that pay directly in stablecoins, or in cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, but they are a minority. 

Attention must also be paid to another detail. 

Some games allow you to earn money by playing without having to invest or spend anything. Others, on the other hand, require some sort of investment, or spending, for example, to buy assets useful for winning. If these do not pay out in stablecoins or top cryptocurrencies, there is always the risk that any reduction in the market value of the tokens you obtain could end up driving the investment into a loss. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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