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Top 5 Platforms For Crypto Analysis

Almost everything you need to acquire a complete market view is available in multipurpose analytical tools like Bloomberg Terminal, Factset, or SNL Financial, which many conventional market researchers use. 

Numerous distinct analysis tools have already been developed for the aborning crypto industry. However, many of them concentrate on a small number of indicators and offer a partial view of the market. The researcher must invest a lot of effort in finding an appropriate service and organizing several instruments. Look at the analytical services made to speed up and simplify research tasks.

Why is it essential to use crypto analysis tools

On the cryptocurrency market, some traders constantly make money. Some – don’t. The difference between them lies in various crypto trading tools that account for the discrepancy. Before diving into the always turbulent market, a skilled and experienced crypto trader employs several analysis tools. These cryptocurrency trading tools may be divided into several groups, including:

  • Market data.
  • Data analysis tools.
  • Graphing tools.
  • Portfolio management tools.
  • Social networks and news aggregators.

The key to becoming a successful trader is to master these trading tools. These tools provide real-time data that helps traders make quick market decisions.


In the cryptocurrency sector, analytics tools are a need that is applied in many different ways. Applications of analytics tools:

  • Data on-chain. You can access precise graphs of on-chain data, including the number of daily transactions, currency transactions, and more. The data in the chain is openly available. It indicates that the data you obtain is trustworthy and precise.
  • Technical indicators. The analysis tools have various supported technical indicators, which you can easily apply to your charts.
  • Examination of social networks. Market fluctuations are correlated with social networks. It can also influence the market on its own. You can remain ahead of market trends with the help of social analysis. View a variety of metrics and statistics, including those on social dominance, social movements, etc.
  • Metrics. Numerous metrics, including market value, volatility, market share, and more, will be provided with multiple years of data. Additionally, having many measures in one location will enable you to gauge the market’s movement.

Distinguishable analysis tools will be compared based on various criteria so that you may get the most out of the platform while utilizing it. Priority should be given to accuracy. Since this information will serve as the foundation for your trading decisions, selecting a platform that offers reliable data is crucial. By reading user evaluations and contrasting the platform’s data with other platforms, you can always find out more about how accurate the platform’s data is.

Best Crypto Analytics Platforms

For traders, particularly tenacious ones, analysis tools are a must. Platforms have started to add new features and capabilities to their applications as a result. Additionally, graphs showing various analytical tool indications are updated often. 

Furthermore, some analytics tools look at social media for new measures like social dominance and trends. The functionality and navigation of platforms for crypto analytics differ. You can select the one that best fits you.


Currently, this is the top platform for crypto analytics. A platform called ICOholder was developed to help ICOs draw in more investors and give customers trustworthy information about the finest Initial Coin Offering businesses. 

The largest cryptography database is housed on the smart tracker, a worldwide analytics platform that presents institutional and individual investors access to trustworthy real-time market and pricing data. The platform provides a comprehensive and all-encompassing outlook of the industry and cryptocurrency evolutions in its capacity as a market data provider. You may discover data about cryptocurrency trading, order books, blockchains, historical information, social media, news, audits, reviews, and a pool of crypto indexes here. This platform is your go-to option if you desire greater transparency in the cryptocurrency sector.


TradingView is a dedicated cloud-based social networking and charting platform for all tiers of experienced crypto traders. With the help of a mobile phone app, this tool provides all the high-end features of desktop charting and the speed and flexibility necessary for charting while on the go. 

It was initially employed for charting and stock scanning. Nevertheless, the charting website has extended to gather data from some of the world’s finest crypto exchanges to match the demand for digital currencies. A significant issue in the cryptocurrency sector is resolved by combining Bitcoin values from several exchanges. It enables you to view cryptocurrency values in real-time on a single website.


The instantaneous appearance of precise information on the web has helped Chainbroker grow in popularity. Here, you may find information about the exchange, public relations, blockchain events, cryptocurrencies, and other decentralized-related topics. 

The website regularly updates the most recent information about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The fund’s website also offers information for both novice and seasoned investors. You may look up the coin’s price on this website, the sites where it is traded, and a price movement graph.


A popular website for managing cryptocurrency portfolios and tracking alternative currencies is Coinigy. Without sacrificing the technical analysis of the coin, it seeks to streamline the trading process. The website offers a trading interface where users can download charts from every significant Bitcoin exchange. It is the ultimate technical analysis tool for cryptocurrencies online.

Consider using Coinigy if you want to browse many cryptocurrency charts on a single page. Data connection across 40 cryptocurrency exchanges from a single account enables users to access the worldwide digital currency market.


This platform is suitable for those who want to be among the first to learn about the crypto world. This website lets you get all the information you need about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. 

Bright pictures are used to enhance the site’s precise design. Users may see price changes and get suggestions from renowned investors. This platform is suitable for new users and will enable you to increase your industry expertise significantly.

Bottom Line

Use the top cryptocurrency charts and technical analysis tools if you’re serious about trading cryptocurrencies. Each platform for crypto analysis uses data feeds from many exchanges to generate its data and offers technical analysis tools for cryptocurrencies, allowing users to scan the markets for trading opportunities. 

On the other hand, ICOholder is a tried-and-true platform where you can showcase your favorite assets and keep up with the latest developments. Additionally, due to its comprehensive collection of trading tools, features, and usability, it is quickly replacing other charting interfaces built into many cryptocurrency exchanges.