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A journey through financial and energy stocks with PayPal, Intesa Sanpaolo, Nio and Enel

Lumped together by the financial sector among the most interesting stocks in this sector it is fair to mention PayPal and Intesa Sanpaolo, whereas in the energy sector there are Nio and Enel which for different reasons stand out to investors.

Stock analysis of PayPal, Intesa Sanpaolo, Nio and Enel

Rumors of rate hikes for 2023 dampen the Ftse Mib, which loses 0.3% following Fed minutes that corroborate the claims spread by insiders. 

“Based on the data released so far, and given the consensus on those yet to come out, Eurozone inflation, to be released on Friday, is expected to slow to +9.1%. However, a new recovery is likely in January linked to the failure of the government measures introduced by some countries to counter the high price of fuel.”

MPS Capital Services writes.

PayPal (PYPL)

The run that brings the stock today to touch $77.69 recording a 4.17% jump in the 24 hours and a continuous, slight but progressive growth for six months now seems to know no rest. 

Truist Securities raise the stock’s reputation to Very Attractive by raising the target price from $75 to $95. 

The largest online payments company that offers payment and value transfer services like other competitors including Fiverr sees a decline in the value of its shares from the previous high recorded.

Since the advent of the pandemic to date, the stock has left the field with 43% of its value. 

Despite the long-term stock market drop, PayPal remains highly profitable and widely used to the point that it continues to invest continuously in new technologies including blockchain and cryptography. 

High growth prospects and an excellent position in the digital payments market offer investors relative security for the long term. 

The current price is considered by most analysts to be a good entry point to bet on the stock. 

Intesa Sanpaolo (ISP)

The stock has lost a little more than 20% since its February 2022 peak but has made a remarkable recovery in the past six months, recovering 33% of its value. 

Today the stock is trading at 2.22 euros, substantially in line with its value a year ago when it was at 2.27 euros and is beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel as predicted by many analysts who see the company recovering for 2023 that has just begun. 

In a recent interview, Algebris CEO Davide Serra himself sees the banking sector recovering for this year due to China’s slow but gradual exit from the Covid problem and continued lock downs, moreover, capital flows tend to return to Europe from overseas and given the lower levers of the financial sector in the old continent compared to America this will bring new life to banking stocks especially for those with strong balance sheets such as precisely Intesa Sanpaolo. 

Today the stock is in substantial lateralization and is flexing 0.29% in a normal short-term pullback to €2.22. 

However, Intesa’s higher-ups are benefiting from rising revenues and a market opening up to new opportunities, not the least of which is cryptocurrencies, fertile ground for old-fashioned business models. 

Nio – Inc ADR (NIO)

Sharp jump in the Chinese share price to $10.63 with an excellent +10.38% in today’s session driven by sales in Europe and a new business plan for the three-year period 2023-2025 deemed congruous by analysts for which they believe, Nio will do better than expected. 

The company is targeting Tesla’s Model Y, which due to some corporate difficulties while remaining first in the sales rankings has begun to cede market share especially toward the nascent Polar Star brand with the Model 2 and the very Nio that has always been the real natural competitor of Elon Musk‘s EV house. 

Having overcome delivery bottlenecks, the company has reduced production by focusing on quality and this has also rewarded in terms of sales of the spare models producing a leap forward also in the stock market and not only in the company’s coffers. 

Enel (ENEL)

During the recent meeting with analysts, CEO Francesco Storace had announced the divestment of Endesa Era in which Plenitude (Eni) has always shown interest. 

The market value of the company is almost 700 million euros, a not insignificant slice that increases the thirst for the stock by analysts and investors, having passed the price range between €5.00 and €5.20, the stock is aiming for €6.00, whereas today it stands at €5.51 with +0.46%.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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