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Poseidon DAO announces the fourth artist in the Deploy Collection

2023 starts with a bang! Poseidon DAO has announced that the fourth artist to collaborate on the Deploy Collection is FourLeafClover.


FourLeafClover, a self-taught artist, launched the first series of NFTs in August 2021 with the Go BaBy Go !! series, and then also launched editions with derivatives of well-known projects such as the Bored Apes and Pepe The Frog.

The style, as is explained in the Poseidon blog:

“is deliberately inspired by the world of Manga, and the works, populated by childlike characters, are aimed at conveying a sense of joy and happiness to the viewer.[…] The influence of manga and anime, evident in FourLeafClover’s works, translates into an adherence to the so-called Kawaii aesthetic, which in contemporary Japan indicates a type of beauty associated with typically childlike feelings of shyness and vulnerability.”

Poseidon DAO: Deploy Collection No. 4

The work chosen by the artist for the collaboration with Poseidon DAO is called A World of Hope, a work that reflects the artist’s narrative line to the fullest. 

It will be possible to mint the work next Monday, 16 January 2023 at 9 PM (CET) on the Monifold platform

The minting price is 0.075 ETH per NFT and there are only 250 works available

Once again, everyone who buys the work will receive an airdrop of Poseidon DAO tokens when they are issued.