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Crypto News: N26 expands into the crypto sector and Dash 2 Trade completes its trade list

2023 has just begun but the news doesn’t stop coming, N26 officially enters the crypto world and the Dash 2 Trade platform has finally completed its trade list.

German bank N26, has finally decided to expand its trading offerings to other countries, introducing Austrian users, and is now determined to expand even further. 

Meanwhile, Dash 2 Trade, the ambitious project that performed magnificently in pre-sale, has recently completed its price process and is now active on major exchanges. 

N26 and Dash 2 Trade, the news in the crypto world brought by the new year.

We could consider it the year of rebirth, after a long 2022, full of slumps, failures and uncertainties. The year 2023 sees many projects come to life, improve others, and calm the spirits of those who thought the industry had no room for recovery. 

All the innovations brought by the new year, give a whiff of hope for those who believed we would never recover from this frosty period. 

The emergence of revolutionary new projects, such as that of Dash 2 Trade, gives a positive signal to the market, and is in effect a symptom of recovery. So is the entry of other companies into the sector, such as the expansion into crypto by German bank N26. 

In this climate of uncertainty, it is often necessary to find new elements to get going again. The ecosystem is strong, and once negative cycles are over, one can restart with new projects and innovations, which in turn start positive cycles. 

The expansion of German bank N26

In 2022, German bank N26 had pioneered the expansion of its trading offering in Austria. 

The bank has an ongoing partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda, and although it was originally from Germany, it had no license to operate. So, the trading offer was only limited to Austria. 

N26’s experiment turned out to be really successful, so much so that the company finally decided to open its ways in a global manner. 

The success of N26’s offer led executives to make the decision, from 2023 the German bank will expand its offer, involving, for the time being, 5 more European countries.

Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, and Ireland will have the privilege of participating in N26’s crypto-trading offering in partnership with Bitpanda. 

N26’s Austrian offering, which will be replicated for the previously mentioned countries, already includes more than 200 different tokens for purchase. This is by no means a trivial product with a lot of growth potential, although with a lot of competition from Revolut.

Revolut is a British-born bank that has been navigating the crypto sea for a long time, long before N26. Revolut has already listed all European countries, so N26 will have to work hard to compete with its rival. 

Dash 2 Trade completes listing process and is now active on major exchanges

The crypto intelligence and analytics platform, is finally ready to be bought and sold. Dash 2 Trade, one of the surprises of 2022, has finally concluded its listing process and is already on major exchanges, such as Gate.io, LBank, Changelly Pro, and Uniswap. 

Investors have been fascinated even before the launch by the crypto trading and analysis tools the project offers. The idea of helping to improve trading skills, which Dash 2 Trade offers, appeals to many. 

It comes as no surprise that the project is ambitious; it is enough to see the huge amount of money Dash 2 Trade has earned in pre-sales to realize this. 

The platform has tons of AI-based tools and features, such as data on social metrics, on-chain indicators, trading signals, presale insights and risk profilers, a strategic back-testing tool, and whale alerts.

The outlook for the project and its native token is excellent. It is expected that the value of the token will continue to fly high. The idea that Dash 2 Trade is a fantastic project, full of potential, will finally materialize. 

The year 2023 has begun in this way, with partnerships, new projects, and resounding entries. Morale is very high, compared to last year there is a need for change.  Transparency and security are the key factors for restarting the industry.