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First round of earnings for Meta, Amazon, Tesla and Microsoft stocks

The most important stocks that make up the Nasdaq have come out with new data, and Meta, Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft shares have adjusted.

Meta, Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft stock analysis.

With early earnings outlining a picture of light and shadow for the major stocks boasting the Nasdaq, we analyze reactions and data of Meta, Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft among them.


Meta (Facebook) unveils data marking the fourth quarter of last year.

reveals a nightmarish quarterly with many shadows and only two lights.

concern the earnings per share figure that grew by 8 percent and the company’s share buyback program.

Positive notes just listed above are enough to ensure a performance for Meta shares not seen since 2013.

Meta stock on the stocks exchange following the Q4 data registers 25.6 percent growth in a single session.

one secret to Meta’s performance lies in both Zuckerberg’s speech on the sidelines of the data presentation and the share buyback program.

The CEO of the social giant declared that this will be the year of the spending review for which the watchword is limiting expenses and becoming more efficient.

Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook leaner and more profitable.

The share buyback program to the extent of $40 billion was a move much appreciated by investors who read it as a sign of solidity.

As evidence of the right direction being taken, Bank of America has commented positively on Meta stating that by 2023 it expects an upside for the giant of 40 percent.

Today the stock has retraced 2.33% touching €169.58 once again.


Bezos’ money machine lost 3.31% today touching 98.80€.

Amazon is also among that group of technology companies that have presented their financial statements, and again not everything went right.

Prominent among the sore notes was the failure to meet expectations about earnings per share, which missed the target by 82.60 percent (0.03 instead of the expected 0.17).

To lift things up, however, is the revenue figure, which is well above expectations.

Amazon’s revenue grew by 2.35% compared to expectations of $145.78 billion.

The financial data for October-December 2022 were albeit negative better than expected and this still rewarded the stock in trading.

EPS was basically even but what weighs in are AWS (up but also down from Q3’s +27.5 percent) and cloud sales 21.4 billion vs. 21.87 estimated.

Excellent figure centered by advertisements that touch 11.56% performing a +19% from the same figure a year ago.

According to many analysts, the company could continue to perform as well as it has been doing since Jan. 6 to date.

The reason that gives optimism even though margins are not what they used to be is the improving macro situation and a renewed ease in sourcing raw materials.


If until now we have seen so-so quarterlies in terms of results with Tesla the music changes.

The electric automotive company hit all its targets to the applause of investors and industry insiders.

The result is the outcome of several synergies including surprising sales of the Model Y, a spending review policy, and lowered prices of flagship models but not only.

Earnings per share grew 7.28 percent and net income amounted to $3.69 billion on sales of $24.32 billion which is 37.24 percent above expectations.

The stock on the stock market touches just under $175 per share ($174.82) in a loss of 1.51 percent.

In any case, Tesla can always count on its “fanbase” that has accustomed us to amazing things in the past such as the DeBolt case.

Jason DeBolt was a former software engineer who in 2021 sold his house to buy and hold Tesla stock.


The historic company is lateralizing today on the stock market at $239.55 per share, but what do we know about the company’s Q4 performance?

The company’s earnings grew in the last quarter of 2022 ($2.23 per share).

Revenues touch $51.9 billion up 12 percent and net income also grows (+2 percent) to $16.7 billion.

Cloud performance contrary to Amazon grows 28% in marked improvement ($25 billion).

For Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the company is also an important building block in helping other companies grow:

“No company is in a better position than Microsoft to help organizations meet their digital imperative so they can do more with less.”

Meanwhile, it is recent news that Microsoft plans to upgrade ChatGPT to incorporate it into its Microsoft Teams Premium platform, which will de facto slowly transform the entire company.

In the upper echelons of the tech giant, they sniffed out the deal early on with the new company that leverages artificial intelligence to become the Google of the new era.

The app’s success caused Microsoft to make contact with the company recently.

The series of meetings between ChatGPT and Microsoft executives uncovered a collaboration and a series of implementations that will take the software company to another level.

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