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Justin Sun announced a new crypto payment system based on ChatGPT and Tron

Tron founder Justin Sun, envisions integrating Tron’s blockchain with ChatGPT artificial intelligence systems for a new crypto payment system.

The idea is to set new standards for decentralized finance. By integrating artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT, it can reach unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Crypto entrepreneur already has plans for how to integrate Tron with ChatGPT

Tron founder Justin Sun in a Feb. 4 tweet announced plans to combine Tron’s blockchain and artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT and OpenAI for a decentralized payment framework.

How will the framework work?

First, it will cover a smart contract system based mainly on Tron’s blockchain, then the payment layer protocol, the call SDK, and the artificial intelligence (AI) payment gateway.

Justin Sun explained that smart contracts can also be used to store user queries:

“This framework will realize a secure, reliable, tamper-proof, anti-censorship and AI-capable decentralized payment system, helping people build a new decentralized and intelligent financial ecosystem.

By combining AI technology with the security and efficiency of blockchain, AI developers can maximize their potential,” Sun wrote, adding that “blockchain tron can provide the best infrastructure support for OpenAI, ChatGPT and all AI developers by leveraging its robust blockchain payment system.”

A new payment system that is more secure, more reliable, tamper-proof, and most importantly, anti-censorship. Artificial intelligence will help create this new, smarter financial ecosystem that will revolutionize payment systems, making them totally decentralized.

Although still in the planning stage, Justin Sun is confident that this new technology can be built on top of Tron’s blockchain architecture. The founder of the blockchain itself is certain that this new payment method will be one of the best in all areas.

Artificial intelligence is the innovation of the last year in many areas. Many tech giants (such as Google or Microsoft) have invested millions of dollars in AI-based startups. The fact that the cryptocurrency industry is also integrating this innovation into its blockchain ecosystems explains many things.

On the one hand, it is perceived that artificial intelligence is now a very important investment for the future. On the other hand, it can be inferred that an industry as booming as the cryptocurrency one, travels hand in hand with the future and is ready to grow by integrating new technologies.

Artificial intelligence and Crypto: a new link for the future

It is no longer a secret, the future of banking and financial insurance is set to shift to blockchain and artificial intelligence. The marriage of blockchain and artificial intelligence is therefore not science fiction, but rather the reality of the future. The financial sector is destined for major revolutions, for the purpose of growth.

Artificial intelligence has yet to fully evolve and will certainly grow by leaps and bounds, in the coming years. Even now, however, blockchain seems to be the ideal environment for AI growth.

Orlovsky Maxim, among the most internationally renowned experts in the field of neuroscience, wrote an interesting thought on this some time ago. The central point of his reasoning is that blockchain will represent to artificial intelligence what written language has been to the human brain and its constant evolution.

When blockchain will offer a channel to facilitate the exchange of data in total security, then the impact of artificial intelligence will be devastating, on par with writing.

Therefore, the union of AI and blockchain will be a lifeline for banks and other financial institutions. Improvements will be made in security, speed, customer service, lending, and transparency.

This is a historic revolution that will change payment systems and the lifestyles of many people.