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Why ChatGPT is wrong about crypto: Bitcoin is Capricorn

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot, matched 12 crypto assets to zodiac signs, but it got its math wrong: Bitcoin is Capricorn. Here’s why.

ChatGPT and its matching of 12 crypto assets to zodiac signs: it’s wrong about Bitcoin!

Recently, the popular artificial intelligence-based chatbot, ChatGPT created its own match of 12 cryptocurrencies to zodiac signs.

Starting with the crypto queen, ChatGPT made its matching by describing precisely Bitcoin as the sign of Aries, Ethereum with Taurus, and so on.

In the brief description, here is what it says about the first three crypto assets:

  • Bitcoin (Aries): Aries and Bitcoin embody the pioneering spirit. Aries takes bold risks and charts new territory. Bitcoin has disrupted finance and opened up new possibilities.
  • Ethereum (Taurus): Taurus is associated with stability, and Ethereum is known for its stability and reliability as a platform for decentralized applications.
  • Tether USDT (Gemini): Just as Gemini is known for its ability to adapt to different situations and environments, USDT is known for its versatility as a stable currency that can be used on different platforms.

These descriptions are pure interpretations that do not take into account the day of birth of each crypto. Which is generally used to define what the corresponding zodiac sign of a person, or as in this case, a project, is.

What ChatGPT and its artificial intelligence does not do is consider the time and day of the crypto project’s launch to match its corresponding zodiac sign.

If it had followed the basic rule of astrology, then Bitcoin would have turned out to be Capricorn, Ethereum to be Leo, and Tether (USDT) to be Libra.

ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence is wrong about crypto, Bitcoin is Capricorn

In this regard, following the normal association between zodiac sign and its launch day, Bitcoin would be a Capricorn and not an Aries.

Bitcoin was born on 3 January 2009 and is totally a Capricorn: a cardinal sign, of earth element, ruled by the planet Saturn. Essentially, earth signs are those related to matter, while cardinal signs are those who start a movement, real leaders.

Capricorn is a strong and ambitious sign, determined and committed to striving to achieve its goals. Following set timetables and taking all the responsibilities involved, as its ruling planet Saturn dictates.

That said, Bitcoin would be linked to “money and store of value” (matter) which initiated the revolutionary peer-to-peer system with its appropriate timelines and responsibilities. Indeed, BTC touched its ATH – All Time High of $67,000 only 12 years after its inception, and it turns out to be the benchmark crypto. When it comes to the entire industry.

In contrast, if Bitcoin had been an Aries, besides ChatGPT’s description, there is to consider that it would have been paired with a cardinal sign but of fire element and ruled by Mars.

In that case, it would have started being talked about at world levels right away with its ATH of $67,000 in its early years and then see its price settle over time. Not only that, BTC is said to have disrupted the financial system “explosively” breaking its dynamics, as its ruler planet Mars (the warrior) dictates.

Ethereum as Leo and Tether (USDT) of the sign of Libra

Continuing with ChatGPT‘s pairings, Ethereum, rather than Taurus, is of the sign of Leo and Tether (USDT), instead of Gemini, is of the sign of Libra.

Ethereum (ETH) was born on 30 July 2015 thus becoming a Leo: a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Rather than “stability” described by ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence, Ethereum represents the “expression” and “extension” of something already started (by Bitcoin).

And indeed, through the introduction of its valuable smart contracts, Ethereum extended the peer-to-peer concept to the Ethereum Virtual Machine that gave birth to decentralized finance (or DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Speaking of Tether, while ChatGPT matches it with the sign of Gemini, according to its launch date of 6 October 2014, USDT is of the sign of Libra.

So another cardinal sign, but this time of air (thought) element and ruled by the planet Venus. And who can argue with that, rather than “adapting to situations” as described by ChatGPT, Tether is very much a leader of “harmony and balance” as its Venus in Libra dictates, and not coincidentally the stablecoin par excellence.

Instead of matter, as in the case of Bitcoin, Tether has dragged the industry on the concept of balance between traditional and decentralized finance. Creating its currency on blockchains but managing to keep the price pegged to the US dollar and continually demonstrating its liquidity reserves.

ChatGPT, astrology and the weather

Astrology is not an exact science, and therefore it is easy to “play on its interpretations,” but like any “game” it has its own basic rules that consider a key factor: time.

Something that ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence, which has been exploding in recent days, did not consider in its description.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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