Bitget expands its innovation zone with outstanding projects
Bitget expands its innovation zone with outstanding projects

Bitget expands its innovation zone with outstanding projects

By Andrea Porcelli - 10 Feb 2023

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There is no more stopping the leading global crypto-derivatives exchange, Bitget. It recently announced that it added prices for asset related to artificial intelligence (AI), Arbitrum and NFTs to its list. This is new for all users who are eager to get involved in new and ambitious projects.

Bitget’s new list

The newly entered tokens still need preliminary review to adhere to the right standards of the Bitget exchange platform (trading volume, liquidity, the team, project development).

In addition, the review aims to regulate and ensure the assets to progress in the long run. The evaluation period lasts for 60 days, and those that do not meet the selection criteria will be removed from the list.

Twenty-one tokens have already been included in Bitget’s Innovation Zone, among which seven projects are related to AI (artificial intelligence), an area that has definitely been expanding in the recent period.

Another six projects are related to Arbitrum. For those unfamiliar with it, Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer 2 scalability solution that uses Optimistic Rollup technology to bundle large batches of off-chain transactions from Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized applications before forwarding them to the main layer.

The tokens chosen to participate in the innovation zone have seen tremendous enthusiasm from investors. Among the top assets are Future (AI), which registered a 1263% increase, followed by Botto (BOTTO) with a recorded growth of 646%, in third place ArbInu (ARBINU) with a considerable growth of 450%.

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, commented on the platform’s new listings.

She dispensed good words toward the platform, demonstrating the strength and commitment of her staff:

“At Bitget we always do our best to support quality projects with potential and facilitate the development of the industry as a whole in the long run. Through the implementation of a rigorous vetting process, the Innovation Zone is designed to help users in their search process to discover hidden gems within the vast number of tokens that are launched every day, and users can then decide which token best suits their wallet.”

The other listed projects related to artificial intelligence differ from each other, but what they have in common is that they are new start-ups that have recently entered the trend. Projects include SingularityNET (AGIX), Image Generation AI (IMGNAI), Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), Oraichain (ORAI), and the most important, previously mentioned, Future (AI).

Zero fees on Euro and Sterling deposits

Among the platform’s many new features, the SEPA/FPS function has recently been available on Bitget. One can therefore deposit European Union and UK currency with zero fees. An innovation brought forward last September and activated on 18 January, which is proving quite successful on the platform.

Basically, users can enjoy zero fee trading on all spot transactions. Added to this are numerous benefits including buying the most popular crypto assets at a 50% discount, several airdrops, and a prize pool of BGB 1 million.

To get these, spot market traders simply need to hold, trade and keep their eyes on what is happening on the platform.

Supported for this new channel are six fiat trading pairs: USDT/GBP, BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, USDT/EUR, BTC/EUR, and ETH/EUR. Finally, Bitget announced that it will roll out support for other currencies for the future.

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, commented:

“With cryptocurrency developments accelerating its visibility among a more mainstream audience, coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are seeing their potential recognized. 

They can serve to diversify portfolios and hedge against soaring inflation. Even with volatile markets, investor interest in cryptocurrencies is high. 

By eliminating trading fees and offering exclusive incentives to hold, trade or earn, Bitget hopes not only to benefit professional investors with high trading volumes, but also to offer newcomers a way to enter the market and benefit from it.”

Bitget is increasingly evolving to be one of the leading platforms in the industry and providing the best services.

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