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Paris Hilton will launch her own dating app in The Sandbox metaverse

Paris Hilton, has decided to introduce something new to the metaverse, the American heiress is launching her own dating app within The Sandbox.

The name will be “Parisland”, Paris Hilton’s online dating experience. Parisland is being developed in partnership with 11:11 Media by Hilton Cynthia Miller, leader of the company’s Web3 and metaverse strategy.

“Parisland” in The Sandbox metaverse

This isn’t something new; influencer Paris Hilton has never denied her interest in the metaverse and all the opportunities it leads to. Starting 13 February, a whole new reality will be available in The Sandbox universe, an even more innovative way to meet people and why not, find love.

The new Paris Hilton-branded experience, available soon in The Sandbox metaverse, is something never seen before: an “imaginary reality show” directly on the metaverse. The purpose is precisely to bring people together in a romantic way through random online encounters. Among the many activities included in Parisland is shopping for dresses and selecting wedding rings, a true experience that very much reflects the reality of its creator.

The landscape of this experience was born and is designed to foster more relationships and authentic connections among players. A true alternative to dating apps such as Tinder, for example.

Naturally, like in all the activities of The Sandbox metaverse, underlying this innovative experience will be the native token of the SAND platform. Which has been growing strongly in the last period, managing to rebound by 42% in just one month.

Clearly, it is necessary to calculate the risks of this new dating experience, from the reports released by the New York Times, CNN and MIT Technology Review, there is already quite a bit of harassment going on in the various metaverse projects.

In the press room, representatives of The Sandbox and Animoca Brands were asked how they could solve the problem. However, it appears that the problem is still a “work in progress” for the company.

Not only Paris

Paris Hilton is not the only VIP to have collaborated and interacted with The Sandbox metaverse. Many celebrities have joined this world, the likes of Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber, who have purchased expensive virtual land in The Sandbox.

While for many the metaverse may seem like something childish, for others it is definitely a very important business opportunity, Paris Hilton is definitely part of the second group and this is not the first time she has collaborated with a metaverse project.

Indeed, in 2022 she already collaborated with The Sandbox to create Cryptoween, a Halloween-themed experience that arrived in the metaverse. The multiplayer experience was open to everyone from 21 October to 7 November.

Set during one of Paris Hilton’s parties, it nevertheless required the help of players: users had to engage in a series of in-game challenges and missions, such as rounding up a band of zombie Mariachis and removing the curse unleashed by an evil character and then participating in a raffle with a chance to win SAND, the game’s currency, and NFT rewards.

Paris Hilton queen of the Metaverse

Over the years, the fashionable influencer has been a pioneer in art and fashion, but now she finds herself facing a reality still unknown to many. The transition to a new creative era seems to hold no fear for Paris Hilton, who is ready to invest in and grow the potential of the metaverse.

“Six years ago, in the summer of 2016, my friend Jaeson Ma and I had dinner in Munich, Germany, with two of the founders of Ethereum. I don’t remember exactly why we were there, but I’m glad I was: that dinner changed my life like few others. The reason was not the food, which was good, by the way, but the conversation, which turned out to be memorable.”

In this way the influencer was introduced to the world of blockchain, crypto, and metaverse, thanks to one of Ethereum’s founders Jaeson Ma. Paris Hilton’s first official approach occurs in the NFT universe:

“I drew my cat, Kitty, with the iPad; we uploaded the image to Cryptograph in March 2020 and it eventually sold for 40 ETH (which was about $17,000 at the time): that’s how I won Best Charity NFT at the 2020 NFT Awards. It was amazing.
I consider myself really lucky because I discovered these technologies before most people did. Not everyone has the same opportunity to connect with innovators or their creations.”

The Web3 world is really a huge investment opportunity, and celebrities like Paris Hilton are not missing an opportunity to get on board with these new experiences.

Following the NFTs, Paris Hilton’s experience continues with her entry into the metaverse:

“Along the way in the Metaverse, I’ve also been very supportive, and that’s what’s great about that place: as celebrities, we often have access to tools and creative people to help us innovate, but in the DNA of this industry there’s a peculiar momentum of mutual support and collaboration. Everyone is eager to see you learn how to navigate these new waters.

There are so many artists, developers, promoters, and computer scientists, and they all want to contribute to the blockchain or the Metaverse. Connecting and collaborating with physical strangers (but friends in digital) is really common.”

According to Paris Hilton, in the future the metaverse will change many things in the real world. There will be a new understanding of influencers and content creators. Brands will also take a completely different form than they do today.

“We are inside an exceptional change in the possibilities of creators, influencers and brands. Everything is going digital. The physical world is not going away, but the Metaverse is like an inspiration pill: once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to think about anything else.

Just as social media has changed so much for influencers and entrepreneurs, the Metaverse will bring out its own influencers and creators, capable of building a following on Roblox, in Decentraland or in The Sandbox. And these may not be the same people we see on YouTube today or follow on Instagram.”

So concludes Paris Hilton, who will debut her new dating platform on 13 February, directly in the metaverse of The Sandbox.