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The efforts of OArtsLab in the NFT sector

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to OArtsLab, a company that stands out for launching unique and impactful NFT collections.

We are thrilled to discover more about the vision, mission and philosophy that underlie this company and to get to know its founder, who will also share his experience in the world of NFTs.

Don’t miss this chance to explore a world that is revolutionizing the way we see and value art.

Questions & Answers

Could you introduce yourself briefly and tell us how you discovered NFTs and what attracted you to this industry?

Hi, I’m Davide and I’m the founder of OArtsLab!

I first discovered NFTs in 2020 through some acquaintances who were already part of this amazing world!

My first interaction with NFTs was on OpenSea where I purchased my first NFT from an artist that I had met within one of the most famous Telegram groups at the time.

I was immediately drawn to this amazing world as it combined my passions and my partner’s passions: technology and art.

What is OArtsLab and what are the future projects that will be developed?

OArtsLab is a web3 company that primarily focuses on launching NFT collections and promoting the awareness of this branch of blockchain through our free and accessible “NFT School.”

We currently have 5 NFT collections developed on the Binance Smart Chain, with 4 sold out and one (OArtsLab Mint Pass) still in the minting phase. All of our collections are part of a utility system that allows earning NFTs every week and much more.

Through the “Mint Pass,” we are about to launch the second collection, “OArtsLab Farmers,” in collaboration with The Cryptonomist. Furthermore, our development team is in the execution phase to increase the utilities for our NFT collections.

What is “OArtsLab Farmers” and how does it differentiate from other NFT collections?

In May 2022, we launched our first collection “OctoPets” which includes an NFT Launchpad in its roadmap.

OArtsLab Farmers is the perfect combination of what OArtsLab represents: art and technology united as one.

The “Farmers” will consist of about 5600 NFTs created using Artificial Intelligence which will give access to the exclusive token “$PIG” which will be distributed for free to anyone who buys the NFTs.

How do you see the development of partnerships and collaborations between OArtsLab and other figures in the NFT sector, such as artists and other companies?

For OArtsLab, partnerships and collaborations with other figures in the NFT sector, such as artists and other companies, are very important.

We believe that working together can create new opportunities and grow the digital art sector as a whole.

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to work with other artists and companies to create unique and engaging NFT experiences for our users.

The collaboration with Cryptonomist give us a lot excitment.

Cryptonomist is offering us for the launch of our new collection “OArtsLab Farmers”.

To conclude, what are your tips for people who want to enter the NFT market?

My advice for those who are interested in entering the NFT market is to start with a solid understanding of the basics and opportunities offered by this rapidly evolving industry.

It’s important to research the various platforms, technologies, and projects within the NFT market.

Additionally, it may be helpful to explore investment and creation opportunities, as well as actively participating in the market itself.


Thank you for the opportunity of this interview, we are excited to continue growing and developing our contribution to the world of digital art.

We are confident that there are many opportunities for artists, companies and collectors to create and discover new forms of art and technology through NFTs. We are eager to see how this market will evolve and to continue being a part of it.

Useful Links

Sito Web: https://oarts.it

Telegram: https://t.me/oartslabcommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oartslab

Mint Pass: https://www.rareboard.com/oartslab