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Poseidon DAO presents 1500LABS

Poseidon DAO, on Monday, 20 February at 7 PM CET will host 1500LABS artists in its Twitter space.

1500 LABS

As can be read on the Poseidon DAO blog, “1500 LABS is co-founded by Debora Hirsh and Martin Gimenez Larralde, two distinguished visual artists, each of whom has exhibited individually in museums and art galleries internationally.

They have operated individually, as well as as a team, as editors of a magazine run by artists and performers. They have developed 1500labs specifically to operate in the digital sphere related to NFTs and the metaverse.

Their process is to monitor fashion and luxury items, select items, take photo-videos, post-produce and animate these materials to generate unique NFTs.”

During the AMA there will be an opportunity to meet the two artists who are part of the collective, who will talk about their art, the relationship between traditional art and NFTs, as well as exhibitions and performances.

Not only that, 1500 LABS will be the first artists hosted in Poseidon DAO’s SuperRare space with their piece to be launched on 27 February