Polygon Continues its Bullish Rally While Uniswap’s future is Uncertain and New Crypto Dogetti Starts Presale
Polygon Continues its Bullish Rally While Uniswap’s future is Uncertain and New Crypto Dogetti Starts Presale

Polygon Continues its Bullish Rally While Uniswap’s future is Uncertain and New Crypto Dogetti Starts Presale

By Crypto Advertising - 20 Feb 2023

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There have been multiple different, big developments that have happened for the crypto market recently, so it seems crypto will yet again have an interesting year as 2023 plays out. Polygon continues to prove why it is ranked 9 in the Top 100 Crypto by market cap. Meanwhile, Uniswap struggles to stablise, though all hope is not lost. Finally, an especially exciting project has launched its presale this month, revealing its familial ambitions known to the world.

Polygon Remains Strong

Polygon (MATIC) has had an exceptional start to 2023, with it’s price increasing by 50% overall in January while building towards a much-anticipated update. During this time a lot of focus was put on maintaining and improving the NFT marketplace on the Polygon network, where activity and sales have been on the rise. They are also working exclusively with Clearpool to launch Prime, a new institutional credit platform. The exciting update is actually right around the corner now though, leading Polygon to now surge by 78% overall. The zkEVM Mainnet update will launch on March 27th, which will generate zero-knowledge proofs that verify the accuracy of programs on the network. All these positive developments, on top of the already established collaborations Polygon has, is driving a bullish perspective both from investors and data projectionists.


Uniswaps Community Remains Optimistc 

Uniswap (UNI) is the connector between both of the other cryptos in this article, in that it revolves around an Ethereum-based protocol like Polygon and prioritises community engagement like Dogetti. It undergoes regular development to continuously improve the experience users have, keeping them happy and making sure they run into as little issues as possible when trading on the platform.

Uniswap is ran on a smart contract which allows trading to happen without the necessity of involving two parties. This process is attractive to traders who want more freedom, but this novelty hasn’t helped so far this year. Uniswap’s native token is off to a mediocre start this year, down by 5% already this month. With that said, this creates the perfect opportunity for a much needed rally if the onlookers rush to buy it while its cheap. Regardless of its current downward momentum, there is a strong community behind it that remain bullish, so should this optimism reach the right investors who are not already bought in – things could soon change for the better.


Dogetti’s Family Will Remain Together

Dogetti’s (DETI) presale has only just started and yet its clear it’s going to be exciting watching it continue to grow. It has managed to raise over $127,000 out of a $500,000 goal in just its first week, which is not only impressive but also a sign that this could be one of the fastest launches the crypto market has seen.

Dogetti is a meme coin in the same vain as Dogecoin (DOGE), but what stands out about this mobster-themed project is its emphasis on “family”. Family in this case is the community backing the token, who the developers want to give real ownership to. To create a feeling of shared purpose and belonging, they will execute this through a reflection protocol hosted by Ethereum (ETH), which will redistribute 6% of tokens with every single DETI transaction: 2% extra tokens given to current token holders, 2% held in a charity wallet for future philanthropic efforts and 2% split between a liquidity wallet and a burn wallet to support Dogetti’s long-term stability.

A meme coin that cares about its community will most likely foster a healthy envrionment where buyers and traders genuniley see each other as peers. If this is something that piques your interest, now is the best time to get involved as the project releases its first code as a welcome gift. Users will be given an extra 25% on top of their purchases when the code WISEGUY25 is applied.

For More Information On Dogetti (DETI):

Presale: https://dogetti.io/how-to-buy

Website: https://dogetti.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/Dogetti

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Dogetti_


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