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Etherscan acquires the Solana Blockchain explorer: Solscan.io

Etherscan has announced the acquisition of Solscan.io, the Solana Blockchain explorer, to provide in-depth insights and detailed analysis of the ecosystem. 

Etherscan and the acquisition of Solscan.io, the Solana Blockchain explorer 

The famous block exploring platform for the Ethereum blockchain, Etherscan, is expanding its services. The latest announcement sees the acquisition of Solscan.io, the Solana blockchain explorer. 

“We are excited to announce that Solscan has joined Etherscan! With the addition of @solscanofficial to the team, we hope to continue realizing our vision of providing credibly neutral and fair access to blockchain data.”

In the announcement, it talks about a collaborative merger aimed at improving the accessibility of blockchain data across multiple networks. In this sense, Etherscan aims to contribute to the blockchain community in keeping its promise and achieving mainstream adoption.

Founded in 2021, Solscan.io is a leading explorer of the Solana blockchain and its ecosystem.

Not only that, the platform seems to offer many features similar to Etherscan users, such as detailed information on addresses, tokens, and transactions, as well as APIs, dashboards, and NFT metadata.

Etherscan expands blockchain data services to Solana network

The new integration of Solscan.io on Etherscan will allow users to access blockchain data on multiple networks. 

In this regard, Matthew Tan, CEO and founder of Etherscan, commented as follows:

“The Solscan team has demonstrated their expertise over the years by providing in-depth insights and detailed analysis. Their experience in making blockchain data accessible and user-friendly aligns perfectly with our mission at Etherscan.”

This strong interest of Etherscan in Solscan may also stem from the recent overall appreciation that the Solana blockchain has received. In fact, looking at the price charts of SOL, the crypto has recorded a pump of about 70% in the last month. 

At the time of writing, SOL is worth $108.60 compared to the $123 reached on Christmas Day 2023, and compared to the $64 at the beginning of December 2023. 

Not only that, SOL would have surpassed Ripple (XRP) in terms of market capitalization, ranking in fifth position, just behind Binance Coin (BNB) which had managed to surpass, albeit for a short time. At the time of writing, SOL’s total market cap is $46.6 billion compared to BNB’s total market cap of $48.3 billion.

Code Reader: the AI crypto tool to read smart contract codes

In mid-October 2023, Etherscan had launched the beta version of a crypto AI tool called “Code Reader”.

The goal of this tool is to provide in-depth information about smart contract codes. 

In this way, through Code Reader, it is possible to simplify the amount of complex information contained in various crypto world contracts. 

Specifically, using artificial intelligence, the user will be able to access the most common cases of the new tool such as acquiring precise information and its explanation, or obtaining complete functions and explaining how the smart contract works within dApps. 

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Stefania Stimolo
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