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TRX, ATOM and Solana: crypto assets with bright futures

TRX, ATOM, and Solana have been deemed winners in the crypto market by many analysts. Let’s look at them together.

Analysis of Tron (TRX), Cosmos (ATOM) and Solana (SOL)

TRX, ATOM and Solana are among the most interesting crypto assets in 2023, and analysts predict a bright future for the three coins.

Tron (TRX)

After a positive week and an even better month (+16.56%), the price of TRX continues to do well and stands at 0.067 Euro recording a positive performance (2.46%).

TRX, the native crypto on the Tron blockchain, has enjoyed a positive last month, unlike some cryptocurrencies that have left as much as 10% on the field.

Today, the digital currency is confirming its bullish trend to the satisfaction of investors who are enjoying the gains.

The price value of Justin Sun‘s Coin is €0.067129 and reaches a daily volume of €309,875,886.

In the special market capitalization ranking, TRON is 15th with €6,145,707,422 against TRX’s supply of 91,551,343,018.

The tool makes it possible to generate from scratch new dApps, smart contracts and take advantage of a number of projects in decentralized finance.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Today the price of ATOM touches €13.80 putting the brakes on the last month’s ride a bit.

The all-time high of the last week is 7% further away today but there is also positive news.

While February saw the Token lose 30%, 2023 for ATOM was definitely positive bringing home +42.78%.

Cosmos looks to rebound in light of recent news.

Cosmos (ATOM) benefits from the Terra issue that announced the launch of its own lending protocol.

According to analysts, Mars Protocol, the name of the network protocol on Cosmos Hub, will lead Cosmos to grow further.

The news will also benefit the trading volume of the ATOM token according to analysts.

The token will have to beat some important supports before it takes off.

Out of all of them, the first resistance to be beaten is the one between $15.50 and $16 after which at the top we find the one between $19.50 and $20.50 US dollars.

However, some experts have fears that this Mars Protocol news is not enough to provide vitality.

These analysts predicts a bearish future for Cosmos (ATOM) throughout the year.

Solana (SOL)

More than a month ago, Solana (SOL) was going through a difficult time, but it is precisely at the edge of the abyss that the turning point often comes.

The trend has changed in the past month and the price of SOL has benefited.

Despite a market losing steam in today’s day, the token continues to rise.

Supporting the crypto’s direction is the confirmation that Helium will shift its structure to Solana’s Chain.

About Helium adopting the Chain of Solana there had been doubts from some insiders but today’s confirmation has bypassed any fears.

On 27 March there will be a transition to the new blockchain that will allow Helium to develop its potential thanks precisely to Solana.

After a week that saw SOL’s value rise 30% today the token continues the bullish trend.

SOL is up 11.75% since yesterday and now stands at €24.62.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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