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NFTs: CryptoPunks becomes Ordinal Punks

CryptoPunks NFT have always been a flywheel for this world, now they are starting to be exchanged for Ordinal Punks.

CryptoPunks nft have made headlines for a controversial exchange that saw original CryptoPunk #4155 being traded for an Ordinal Punk 16.

The swap we reported on appears not to have been the only one between the two types of NFTs.

Recap on the Ordinal Punks NFTs

It certainly seems that Bitcoin’s NFTs are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, to the point where they are being traded with the more emblazoned CryptoPunks nft.

A software engineer, Casey Rodarmor, thanks to an intervention made on Bitcoin’s blockchain on 21 January, introduced the Ordinals protocol.

Thanks to the protocol that was incorporated into Bitcoin’s blockchain, it is now possible to enter data called Ordinals.

Each of the 100,000,000 units that make a Bitcoin are also called ‘sats’.

The data not only allows NFTs to be created from scratch but also smart contracts on the historical chain.

As of today, it is essentially possible to create NFTs not only on the Ethereum chain, but also on the Bitcoin chain.

Ordinal Punks constitute a collection of Bitcoin NFTs of 100 PFPs.

The PFPs are minted within the first 650 entries at last in a reliable manner on the Bitcoin chain.

CryptoPunks NFTs Recap

The first NFT project in history is one of the most important and appreciated digital art collections.

In total there are 10,000 CryptoPunks, but some of them have been lost.

On average, CryptoPunks nft have reached a value even above $100,000, which depends on the specifics of each one.

The NFTs in the collection that have hoodies, hat or pilot’s helmet are among the most sought after for example.

The zombie or alien CryptoPunks nft, on the other hand, are extremely rare and give a reward to the owner.

Characteristics of these non-fungible tokens include 3279 NFTs with at least 2 accessories, 288 with mustaches, 6039 male, and 419 with hat and shirt.

The market value of CryptoPunks

Three days ago, the unthinkable happened, via “Ordinal Punk Sales” who spread the news on Twitter, there was an account of a trade between Ordinal Punk and CryptoPunks.

“Trade confirmed: Ordinal Punk 16 for CryptoPunk 4155′. The CryptoPunk in question is a male punk, with a cap, earring and goatee. On the other hand, the Ordinal Punk has glasses and no hair.”

Both NFTs born on Ethereum and those born on Bitcoin more recently are priced at $100,000 to date.

Thanks to this exchange that saw a collector deprive himself of a historic CryptoPunk in exchange for an Ordinal Punk, it was established that the latter are achieving the same status as the former.

STX (the Stack Network token) is up 50% since yesterday just as a result of these exchanges.

Ordinal Punks are on the crest of a wave to the point that a second CryptoPunks was also traded in favor of an Ordinal.

CryptoPunk 4053 (77.50 ETH) was traded for $125,258.

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