Crypto news: Bitget announces the listing of CryptoGPT (GPT)
Crypto news: Bitget announces the listing of CryptoGPT (GPT)

Crypto news: Bitget announces the listing of CryptoGPT (GPT)

By Alessia Pannone - 15 Mar 2023

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Bitget, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has announced the listing of CryptoGPT (GPT) in the AI area of the spot market. Below are the details.

Bitget crypto exchange and the CryptoGPT (GPT) listing

Bitget‘s deposit service for CryptoGPT was opened on 10 March at 7:00 AM (UTC) and trading began at 11:00 AM (UTC) on the same day.

In addition, GPT Spot grid trading and Spot margin trading were launched within three hours of the start of trading.

CryptoGPT is a Layer 2 blockchain solution based on Ethereum that aims to revolutionize the artificial intelligence and data market. In other words, it is a Blockchain protocol designed for the artificial intelligence revolution.

Not only that, the CryptoGPT ecosystem establishes data as an emerging asset class to contribute to a trillion-dollar global data and artificial intelligence economy.

The platform enables users to monetize their data using zero-knowledge crypto technology, providing a new way for people to profit from technology development.

To drive mass adoption, CryptoGPT has already entered the consumer market with apps in various areas, including fitness, dating, gaming, education and travel. In addition to its data monetization platform, CryptoGPT will also offer a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that store an owner’s activity data.

Statements regarding CryptoGPT on Bitget

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, stated the following:

“As AI continues to be an important trend for many industries, including crypto, we believe the transformative power comes from the combination of AI and blockchain technology. 

CryptoGPT’s ecosystem, dedicated to AI development and data monetization, represents an innovative approach to the future of decentralized finance.”

The Bitget exchange has always strived to support promising and creative projects. Hence, the excitement to see how AI technology will contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency industry is great.

As a leading crypto derivatives platform, Bitget is expanding its product offerings beyond derivatives. In the push to expand spot trading services, the platform has listed more than 50 promising blockchain projects in the past two months.

As of February 2023, Bitget supported about 450 coins with over 580 trading pairs. Moreover, among all the top ten spot trading platforms on CoinMarketCap, Bitget ranks second in terms of the number of coins listed.

The hype around CryptoGPT and the crypto GPT

As anticipated, CryptoGPT is a blockchain technology designed to usher in a trillion-dollar data and artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. This idea is unique in that it combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create an ecosystem that manages data as an asset class.

CryptoGPT has gained much attention recently because of its unique features. CryptoGPT’s AI-to-Earn feature, which has become popular in recent months, is a key component of this innovative startup’s marketing plan. In fact, it is the main way the company will provide users with its app-developing clients.

However, when something becomes popular, people try to exploit it and make money in dishonest ways. “CryptoGPT,” a prominent hashtag on Twitter, is related to the artificial intelligence cryptocurrency token.

Alongside it, numerous Twitter accounts with strikingly identical aspects have also appeared. Among which, some of them promoted possibly fraudulent giveaways.

Aiming to capture the market’s attention, “Download CryptoGPT” was trending, with 6,185 tweets associated with it, and GPT-4, a novel neural network created by OpenAI, was also trending with 4,683 tweets.

The term “CryptoGPT” is also used by dozens of Twitter accounts, some of which are likely advertising fraudulent giveaways. Many of these accounts claim that the alleged startup allows users to leverage blockchain and AI to monetize their data.

The project wants to attract decentralized app developers to create apps on its blockchain. When users of these dApps generate anonymous user data, CryptoGPT will accept payments in the form of GPT tokens.

However, it does not appear that the project has direct connections to the AI chatbot ChatGPT, which has taken the Internet by storm.

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